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On a daily basis, your skin is exposed to different skin-damaging components that can take a toll on skin’s overall health. Also, unhealthy lifestyle and improper personal hygiene can further worsen the problem and have an adverse effect on skin’s appearance and fell. That is why, it is most important to nourish your skin from time to time.

Skincare alternatives are countless today. Some work, some don’t and some others that work for your skin do not seem to work for your pocket – right? Toners, or face mists are most essentials. If you want a chilled spray bottle and the good way is using facial mists. Facial mist is an important skin care item that is called for its soothing and healing ability. In the past few years, it has become the go-to beauty item for obtaining clean, fresh and clear skin.

Usage of a facial mist can fight off sun damage, avoid breakouts and refreshes your skin. Though there are a large number of facial mists available, you can always prepare it at home by using 100% natural ingredients like cucumber, etc which are filled with skin-benefiting water and vitamin C, cucumber can soothe your irritated skin and avoids it from looking dull. This skin care ingredient can offer an excellent solution for getting rid of dull and unhealthy skin. Facial mists prepared by using cucumbers are your best bet for obtaining gorgeous skin which looks clean and clear even without applying any makeup on.

Facial mist is one among the skin care regimen, especially used in summer season. Using a best facial mist will give a refreshing, soothing and cooling effect on the skin which in turn delivers number of skin benefits like it relieves your tiredness, sweat, irritation caused due to sun’s rays and also pollution.

It not only clears your skin but also makes your skin glow with an even tone. Although the market is filled with multiple number of commercial mists, the only thing is that they consists of synthetic fragrances, alcohol, and other harsh ingredients which might cause irritation, itching, and dryness on the skin.

Now you can know how to make a simple, cooling and refreshing mist with a miracle ingredient called Cucumber. Let’s have a look on some of the cooling facial mist/toners by using this cucumber. Before starting the preparation, let’s know few cucumber benefits on the skin.

The purpose of a mist in any regular skincare routine is to cleanse skin and refine pores, giving your complexion a more even tone. And while mists have been typically for both oily and dry skin types that need an extra cleansing boost, which is packed with extra skincare benefits, like hydrating and soothing properties.

Secondly, it gives your skin pH balance. Due to the alkaline nature of soap and most of the best face washes, the pH balance of our skin gets disturbed. This makes your skin work in overtime to try and balance it again, which can result in excess oil. Using a mist stops this in its tracks.

Thirdly, it can be a great moisturiser – even if you’ve got an arsenal of the best moisturisers already. Mists in these days have humectant properties, which means they help bind moisture to the skin. And finally, it adds a layer of shelter to keep environmental aggressors at bay. Here, below is a list of DIY facial mists using cucumber that can be helpful in improving your skin’s quality and texture.

Instead you can also make juice of a small cucumber and add 1 teaspoon each of aloe vera juice and witch hazel which fights inflammation and 1/3 cup of distilled water to it. Mix well and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake well and mist on all over your face. Mist – 4: (Cucumber With The Combination Of Rosewater and Glycerin)

You can also cut 1/2 a cucumber into pieces and 2 lemon peels and place it in a bowl. Pour hot water and leave for overnight. Mix it and add 2 vitamin E capsules liquid into it. Pour it in an empty spray bottle. Mist – 6: (Cucumber With Witch Hazel And Green Tea)

As You all know that cucumber has the best pH which helps to calm and tighten your skin. Mint contains vitamin A that strengthens up your skin tissue and also controls the oil production. Lemon has vitamin C and acts as an astringent that decreases excess oil and symptoms of aging.

• You should not use a metal bottle for storage any beauty products of this mist why because the metal might react with any of the natural ingredients used for preparing mist. So, use a best quality plastic bottle or glass bottle for storing.