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I recently went on retreat with the men of the parish. Then my wife and I drove to Utah on vacation, really I drove 5,000 miles while my wife slept. She awoke for the important things, like the incredible scenery, the points of interest, and when I was being introduced to my new friend, a Utah Highway Patrol officer. ortega y gasset revolt of the masses Except for that bump in the road, it was good quality time with God.

It’s easy to find God on retreat or vacation. You see God at work in your life; that he has blessed you with the time and resources to go away for a little while. arkansas gas prices It’s quiet, peaceful, and unhurried so you have many opportunities to speak and listen to God in prayer. You walk and drive with God through the beauty of his creation, whether it’s a beach, a park, the snow-covered Rocky Mountains in Colorado, or the colorful canyons in Utah. You will even find God in other people. It’s amazing how friendly everyone is when you share a rocky, steep, uneven, and possibly dangerous trail on the edge of a cliff a couple of thousand feet above a canyon. Not only do people say “hello,” but they go out of their way to make sure you are OK, ask if you need help, and will even insist, “No, you go first.”

On this important feast I thought that we should reflect on the question, “Why the Eucharist?” First, there are many ways that our Lord could be made present for us at Mass. electricity word search ks2 For example, the Eucharist could be a simple religious ceremony where we are symbolically anointed with oil, sprinkled with dirt and ashes, or covered with the aroma of incense. Yet why does Christ come to us in a Eucharistic meal? Next, because this is a meal there are almost an unlimited number of different foods and beverages that our Lord could make himself present for us, everything from simple water to Father John’s famous pasta and sauce. gas works park events So why does Jesus give us his body and blood in the form of bread and wine? Finally, we all have a number of ways that we can have an encounter with our Lord: in prayer, in the gospel ( the word made flesh), in confession, and so on. But why does Christ give us the gift of his very self in the Eucharist? Today on this feast of Corpus Christi we reflect on our intimate encounter with the divine, with our Lord Jesus Christ, in the most holy Eucharist.

If you have read George Orwell’s futuristic novel 1984, you know that in the story he warns about the dangers of government and technology, or more accurately the dangers of government using technology. It is considered one of the most depressing novels ever written. electricity worksheets for 4th grade I know firsthand because it was required reading in high school, way back in 1984. But even if you have not read the novel, you most certainly heard about Big Brother, the all-knowing government entity in the story who monitors the private lives of its citizens with constant audio and video surveillance. The idea of a Big Brother watching over us as described in the novel seemed far-fetched in 1984, but not today. Technology has improved to the point that much of our lives are indeed monitored and tracked by cellphones, computers, satellites, and video cameras. These things certainly make our lives easier, safer, and more productive, but all the information gathered can be used be used against us, just as it is used against the citizens in the novel 1984. electricity bill calculator It can make us feel concerned about our privacy.