Honda cr-v engine oil leaking problems – part 1 hp gas online booking phone number


Purchased new 2018 Honda Cr-v awd December 2017 from dealer in orlando FL. Within first few months of ownership had multiple occasions where "gas/fuel" smell filled the cabin of car while driving. It was brought to my attention by a friend (late summer) that there appears to be issue with the 1. 5 l earthdreams Honda engine. Area of issue is oil dilution by fuel "leaking" into it & mixing. I then began researching this issue and was quite surprised to find that Honda had already recalled a huge number of vehicles in china with this oil dilution issue on this specific engine. When I called my Honda dealer to ask about issue/repair, I was told by service advisor that they were not aware of any issue of this type and there were no active recalls/tsbs regarding issue. Wow? that’s when my concern level rose, as on the dealer level there seems to be complete denial/admittance of any problem. Other Honda owners of vehicles with this engine have experienced "gas odor" in cabin, poor performance and even stalling of engine while driving vehicle. gas zyklon b I have not had a stalling issue (yet) – but I drive vehicle frequently in moderate /heavy traffic areas and can’t imagine the danger that could result from my car "stalling" while I’m driving(or my wife or daughter). Another "check" to verify if my car has this issue is to examine oil level on dipstick. When my oil level is checked, the level tends to read high (even above full line on dipstick) and dipstick has strong smell of gasoline. Not good as it signals fuel is making it’s way into my engine oil. Once fuel mixes with the oil it will break down the viscosity and engine will "wear our prematurely" or lead to failure. As of today (11/14/18) my car is not stalling out (about 15k miles on it) but my concern for safety is rising as Honda seems to be dragging their feet regarding admitting and fixing this dangerous issue.

I purchased my car from brown’s Honda 712 crain highway, glen burnie, MD 21061 on June 20,2017. On October 6, 2018 ibecame aware of a very serious problem with my car that has the new 1. 5 l turbocharged engine. I noticed that the oil level, as shown on the dip stick, was at least 0. 5 inches above the top fill mark. I immediately drained the oil and discovered that the volume of oil was 4. 75 quarts or 28% above the car’s specification of 3. 7 quarts. storing electricity in water The drained oil was very black in color and to the touch felt less viscous than new 0-20 oil. It appears that the increased volume is due to gasoline mixing with the oil. On oct 6,2018 (current odometer reading11467 miles) the oil had run in the engine for about 5400 miles. My first oil change at the dealer was at 6000 miles on 4/16/2018. As you are aware, dilutionof the oil with gasoline is a serious problem that will inevitably lead to premature engine failure and operability/safety problems in the future such as stalling. I visited the brown’s Honda dealership today 10/8/2018 and explained the issue stated above. gas kansas city The service director, advised me to keep checking the oil level and come back if any running issues occur. The dealer isunable to correct the issue of gasoline leaking into the oil. This problem substantially impairs the future value of my car and potentially it’s safety. Gasoline in the engine oil will lead to premature engine failure.

2018 crv-exl purchased on 9/3/18, our 5th Honda (3rd crv), currently at 620 miles. We�ve always been impressed with the reliability of Honda vehicles, until recently. Last Friday (10/8/18), cnn news reported on a consumer reports (cr) article regarding the crv 2018 engine problems, involving fuel mixing w/ engine oil. Apparently, there�s an issue regarding gas mixing w/ oil in 2017 & 2018 Honda crvs with 1. 5-liter engines, possibly causing stalling and engine damage. Numerous cr and NHTSA complaints involved stalling, loss of power, and smell of gas in the passenger cabin. Honda is working on a fix next month. Owners are advised to check the oil level on their crvs as it will be higher and less viscous if mixed w/ gas. We checked our crv�s oil last night and noticed the strong smell of gas on the dipstick. Brought the crv this morning to our Honda dealership. Service rep reported that their test revealed no gas mixed w/ the oil and that the smell is from a special oil additive that Honda uses in new vehicles. We were advised to bring the crv back for an oil change at 1500 miles. Rep was not aware of the cr & NHTSA complaints on gas leaking into the engine oil, until we told him. npower electricity meter reading We agreed to bring the crv back for the oil change. Called Honda to confirm the fix in November and mentioned our visit to the dealership. Customer rep insisted that Honda does not put any oil additive in the new crvs and that I was miss-informed by the service rep. I was referred to the crv manual on page 572, stating that oil additives may adversely affect the engine performance and durability. I was assured that Honda engineers are working on the fix for the problem. I was directed to take my crv to another dealership for a 2nd opinion and oil analysis. We�re in the �wait and see� mode until the fix is deployed next month.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were driving on the interstate and noticed a gasoline smell in the passenger compartment, which lasted a short period of time and went away. On another occasion we noticed the smell again. electricity in costa rica voltage I checked the fuel fill tube but found no problem there. I also checked under the hood and detected a fuel smell but saw no evidence of a leak. While under the hood I checked the oil and smelled a strong fuel smell in the oil. The fluid level on the dipstick was 7/8� above full level. I checked and double checked the levels and smell and there was definitely gasoline in the oil. I contacted the dealership (johnson city Honda in johnson city, TN) and was told that this was a characteristic of the 1. 5l engine when it was driven at low speeds and should be �driven at higher speeds on the freeway to �burn off� the fuel in the oil�! (we had just returned from a 750 mile interstate trip). They did change the oil but there was no resolution to the problem. Since then the oil level has increased to �� above full level and the fuel smell is present. In my opinion, gasoline in the oil presents a safety hazard in that it can ignite under extreme heat conditions and can cause respiratory issues with passengers when the smell migrates to the passenger compartment. I have received information that Honda has recalled approximately 350,000 of these vehicles in the asian market, but they have not made any attempt to correct the problem in the u. S.

My new 2017 Honda crv ex that only has 6850 miles driven on it has a terrible defect with oil dilution issues due to fuel leaking into the oil pans causing overflow and dilution to the oil that is supposed to be lubricating the engine. The oil smells very potent of fuel and almost 1 quart of extra fluid was drained from the oil pan when taken into the dealer after reporting the issue. The dealer agreed that there was a major issue with fuel diluting into the oil but were told by the Honda corporate tech line that they were to just replace the oil until a fix comes out. electricity cost in california The dealer technicians asked about changing the fuel injectors or maybe a cylinder head replacement but were told not to do anything. It is not safe to release these cars back to the owner knowing there is an defect issue that they didn’t even really attempt to fix that is causing internal engine parts to break down faster than normal and could cause serious safety concerns due to eventual breakdowns leading to wrecks. The companies "fix" is to go in for an oil change every 500-1000 miles even though excessive fuel is still mixing with the oil. Honda has reported that this is happening in colder climates, but I am still having major issues with this in tennessee weather.