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Caravan leader Netty tells reporters he feels cheated after having arrived in Tijuana. gas dryer vs electric dryer safety At the start, he was told that when they arrived at the US border, officials from several countries would be there to meet with them. The countries include Canada, France, Spain and the US. The countries would offer citizenship and employment. Netty fears for his life after, admittedly having deceived the people who trusted and followed him. He refused to reveal who first gave him these ideas of easy citizenship and jobs, calling it a rumor.

Human rights activist Father Alejandro Solalinde accuses Pueblos Sin Fronteras of human trafficking. He accuses caravan leaders of deliberately providing a front for the smuggling of undocumented migrants, and of placing women and children at the front of their marches for increased media exposure. He states that he personally helped to register people from the third caravan, and that he disarmed many of them when he found out they were carrying firearms. Solalinde helped move 23 busloads into Mexico City. In a later interview, he stated he filled up ‘two bags’ with firearms.

DEA officials arrest the brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez in Miami, Florida, on charges of drug trafficking, weapons smuggling and organized crime. Juan Antonio Hernandez was wanted or implicated in 2016. The Honduran government never investigated the charges. gas bloating nausea This may explain how corrupt president Hernandez did very little to stop the caravans from initially leaving his country.

Fake News TeleSUR gives us the headline: March Threatened. It shows protests at the Benito Juarez sports complex in Zona Norte, Tijuana, calling protesters racists and zenophobes. The misleading reporter claims that a small number of agents provocatuers are among the crowd, fomenting violence, when it is really the angry people of Tijuana. The reporter says these same protesters were at Playas, which is true, and that they are against Tijuana police, which is not true. Further, the reporter tells us that it was people from Tijuana who threw rocks at police vehicles, when it was really the invaders.

The reporter goes on to state that dual citizens and Trump supporters are among the crowd inciting trouble, that Tijuanans are throwing rocks at police, and that protesters are hiding their faces (only one person had their face masked during that part of the video). At least three times in a four minute clip, the reporter called Mexicans zenophobes and racists.

This protest took place on Sunday, the 18 th, I believe, when the protesters marched from the Cuahtemoc roundabout in Plaza Rio, and a few miles northeast into Zona Norte. gas jet size chart I followed this march live on two different independent news channels, including Conciencia Radio. Fake News, by the way, claimed the protest included anywhere from 25 to 200 members. In truth, the numbers were more like 1,500 or 2,000. Now I cannot say I watched every second of the march, as I was going back and forth between the two and both had technical difficulties at times, but I can say what I did and did not observe. It is true that Tijuanans were angry, and they did push against police barriers and shout at the police. This was because the people were angry at having their concerns and complaints ignored, and not because they were fomenting violence. I did not see any rocks thrown, and I saw several protesters trying to keep the peace among themselves. I saw ONE Trump supporter. That was Paloma For Trump, who wore a red charro hat and a red dress, from the Youtube channel True Conservative Minutes. k electric bill statement I observed a handful of people with their faces covered, and maybe these men were trying to start up violence. However, the protesters were quick to isolate them and push them away from the bulk of the crowd. TeleSUR’s false reports on this and other events are as fake as the Fake News we get from CNN.

Police responded to a call that migrants were smoking marijuana at the sports complex, behind a children’s play area. Police arrived and gave chase to four young men. Two were arrested. The crowd came in to defend the other two, who escaped. One cop was hurt after being hit on the head with a rock. gasbuddy touch The young men later claim they were innocent, and that the police roughed them up for no reason. Somebody else was smoking marijuana, they said, right where they were standing. Police said they witnessed the men smoking before they gave chase.

On the 25 th of November, migrants planned a march to show their appreciation of what Tijuana and Mexico had done to help them. Secretary of Governance Prida assured the public this march would be peaceful. Children were shown painting banners and signs to that effect. However, the march very quickly turned into a mass stampede of humans trying to breach the US border. Fake News minimized the number of trespassers at 500, saying they only tried to run across the border at one place. In truth, I was watching the march on several independent news channels, as well as on live feeds by the major news stations. a gas has Most honest estimates give the true number of stampeding invaders at over 2000 attacking four different sections of the border fence, including at the border crossing, across the Rio Tijuana, on the train tracks east of the border and elsewhere. After being attacked by rocks and bottles, US Border Patrol responded by firing rubber bullets and tear gas into Mexico.

Later, Prida announced that Mexican federal authorities will ensure protesters will stay near refugee centers, as they have been roaming the streets in Zona Norte ever since they arrived. Several crowd agitators were targeted for arrest. The National Migration Institute (INM) will immediately deport any persons trying to cross the US border illegally, or breaking Mexico’s laws.

Mexican police were largely unarmed during the march and stampede, to prevent the shooting or killing of a migrant, as it would have set off a wail of protests from across the liberal world. Liberal socialists will maintain that there is no such thing as an illegal migrant, and that the migrants were doing nothing wrong by storming the US border in such mass numbers that the border was shut down for some five hours.

November 26, 2018 – A Mexican political analyst speculates that the CIA may have infiltrated the migrant caravan. He gives various angles for this, including that this is part of a Marshal Plan from Trump, a plan the CIA wants to disrupt, and also that the CIA has uncovered the identities of many invaders who may have criminal backgrounds.

Fake News Tele-SUR makes more blatantly false claims. This time, they say the huge mess at the border started off as a peaceful march, where the invaders were simply showing their appreciation for the way Tijuana embraced them. In frustration for the slow speed asylum cases were moving in, these innocent people tried to rush across the border, where strong-armed US defenses used rubber bullets and tear gas on them. Notice there is no mention of how the caravan leaders agitated the stampede. Also not mentioned is the fact that caravan leaders deliberately put women and children at the front of the invasion. Fake News was quick to capitalize, however, on a picture of a woman pulling her two twin daughters, both barefoot and in diapers, when the woman was attacked by tear gas. Also conveniently missing is the fact that only 10% of the invaders have actually applied for asylum.

US Border Patrol confirms that women and children were being used as human shields. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott states on CNN Fake News that border agents did not use tear gas and rubber bullets until after projectiles struck them. The attackers were throwing projectiles while standing behind the human shields. 69 invaders were arrested at the US border. Border Agent Hector Garcia also states agents and vehicles were attacked with rocks first. Meanwhile, Fake News claims the invaders are not invading, and they’re not doing anything wrong.

Reporter Luke Rudowsky of We Are Change reports on the dismal conditions at and near the Juarez sports complex in Zona Norte, Tijuana. People are reported as coughing and vomiting, spitting and urinating on public streets. Fake News reports no criminals are found in the caravan. Rudowsky reports that migrants assaulted an aid worker just a few days before.

Several compilations of video clips are circulating now on social media. They show illegal ingrates complaining about not having free buses provided for their march, complaining about having to eat beans and tortillas, and about refugee centers who want the migrants to clean up after themselves and sweep their trash. How rude! Also shown are the incredible amounts of food, water, clothing and trash migrants are leaving behind. electricity billy elliot karaoke Footage from places such as Jesus Martinez ‘Palillo’ stadium are shown, in Mexico City, including how several trash trucks were brought in to collect refuse.