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-V1.1:Lowered crafting requirements. The armor parts and upgrades now use Horizons components, and use less. There didn’t seem to be a need to lock the suit out for too long in your playthrough, but it will still take quite a bit of work to piece the suit together!

This patch was made for version 1.04 of Chinese Stealth Armor. Dont upgrade to a higher version until I have time to update this patch accordingly! This is a compatibility patch for Horizon and Chinese Stealth Armor . This IS NOT the same as Chinese Stealth Suit that I have already patched. I did try to design this so that the two mods can be used together. I changed the name to Chinese Stealth Commando Suit so that the two would not be confused.

-The armor pieces will not give you much defense and will miss out on the material upgrade. To compensate I gave each armor piece two upgrades that you can choose from. The upgrades only function when you are crouched, so they are accessed the same way as the stealth mode! The upgrades can be found in the armor workbench and are upgradable using the same materials as the rest of the gear.

The reason why I added the upgrades is because the armor parts are the main feature of this awesome mod, so I needed a way to make it so you would want to use the new armor parts with the suit, and not use a different armor part instead. I think the upgrades are very encouraging and hopefully losing the defense is worth it!

-v 1.1:Added an alternate no rad version. The glasses no longer give you rads with this version. But, it no longer gives perception bonus and cannot be worn with a mask. (Lets just say the scouter is bulky and wearing a mask interferes with its connection.)

-The Scouter has some fairly powerful enhancements that can be added to it and because of this it needed a drawback and a reason not to want to use it. I figure it is a failed piece of prewar technology that was abandoned due to the high levels of radiation it emits. This means for as long as you have it equipped you will receive a continuous, but small, does of rads. It also doesn’t get any of Horizon’s eye upgrades.

-I included an alternate version of the Scouter called the "Hacked Scouter". It does not give rads and it receives the same vision upgrades as any other Horizon eyewear item. It looses all of the Scouter’s unique enhancements but still retains its two cosmetic modifcations. Use this version if you just like the look of the scouter.

– V1.2 I increased the speed of the suit. I also increased the melee weapon damage, unarmed damage and action point regen upgrades. I want this suit to make you feel like a killing machine when your wielding the blade and without armor parts it needs a serious boost in stats! You may need to drop your armor and pick it back up for changes to take place.

-I added in a version of the suit called "Non-Functional" that can be worn with armor parts but does not get any of the suits unique upgrades. I did this so that if you like the look of the suit but you don’t want any of the bells and whistles that come with it.

-The gloves will share the same worldspace (and crafting) image as the helmet. The original glove image was bugged and if you dropped it you could not pick it back up again…. I’ll play around with it and see if I can fix it, but in the meantime the helmet will show up as the picture for the gloves in the crafting menus…but it doesn’t really change anything in regards to the actual equipment, its just cosmetic.

XA BOS Scribes and Soldiers REPLACES the BoS Field Scribe’s Armor and BoS Brotherhood Fatigues with new versions. These new versions are equipped with pieces of power armor to make them look like heavily armored versions of the original outfits. *(They dont actually have or drop power armor parts, its just incorporated into the look of the outfits!) This means any NPC’s wearing these outfits will now have the heavily armored replacements…I think they actually look pretty good and seem to fit right in! I’ve given them stats that make them heavier and have better defensive stats but shouldn’t be overpowered. Nothing is craftable so they will have to be looted off npcs.

I wanted a way to group together all of my armor/clothing patches for Horizon. One thing I wanted to avoid is creating a whole bunch of extra menus in the chem lab. I also HATE having mods I’ve downloaded getting mixed in and lost with Horizon’s menus–its hard to tell what’s added by another mod sometimes!

So–I created a separate .esp called " Horizon and RicktheNexus Armory Activator". It is available in the download section of all my armor patches. They are all the same file–no need to download it more than once! What it does is allow you to craft a book in the utility section of the chem lab called the " Armory Encyclopedia". Equipping the book will show all of my patched armor mods in the crafting menu of the chem lab. Dropping/scrapping/storing it will make them go away. This gets rid of all the clutter of menus my patched mods will create and still allows me to keep them all separate and organized!

All gear added requires survival magazines. This is because Horizon has a limited number of perk points and I don’t want you to miss out on any gear because a perk is out of reach. Another reason is that I hope my patches can have a real sense of progression on your game. I hope it feels rewarding to check back every so often to see if you’ve unlocked any cool gear!

Some textures will definitely clip with armor parts and backpacks. Especially with mods that add capes/cloaks. If you don’t like the way something looks, just go into the crafting menu and hide that particular backpack or armor part!!! (Hiding armor parts is done in the Armor Workbench)