Horrible company – avoid at all costs – review of fun time, eilat, israel – tripadvisor electricity merit badge worksheet


Seeing Masada at sunrise is fantastic. Just book with any tour other than Fun Times. They supplied no tour gas giants guide for the Masada-Ein Gedi-Dead Sea trip. So, we received no context to these sites. Company failed to coordinate trip with gate personnel at Masada. We boarded in Tel Aviv at 2 am (!), arrived at 4:30 am and learned they did not open until 5:30 am. Our bus driver dropped us off at 4:30 am and said we would reboard at 7:30 am HE DID NOT ADJUST THE RETURN TIME when we were denied at entry at 4:30 am. What this meant is that we trudged up the path (no cable car service before 8 am), taking one hour to ascend the 2.5 km path up 500 meters. To meet the artificial time hack of the driver, we would have had to immediately turn around to descend, missing the sunrise we had come out to see. We would also miss seeing anything atop Masada. This is insane. The bus driver brushed me off when I complained. I didn’t say you had three hours. I said you had to be back by 7:30 am. So, if they opened the gate at 6 am, I presume I would ascend halfway and then need to turn around ledt this driver consider me late. A tour guide would have adjusted the schedule. A bus driver gas in back and chest only cares about his time hacks. I reached out to Fun Times, but after a week, still have no heard back. I dont think they care. Many reputable tour companies go to Masada. Choose them because you wont have a Fun Time with this company.

No problem getting from ovda airport to eilat on arrival but the return was youtube gas pedal dance a NIGHTMARE!! Arrived at the agreed collection point 15 minutes before the collection time with my son (age 12) and daughter (age 4) and waited. The collection time went and I started to get worried. After 20 mins called the emergency number and was there was no answer! Eventually got through and said where I was waiting and was told the bus was coming. Waited more and nothing came. Then I saw one of their shuttles across a busy road so I left my kids with the luggage and dashed across the road to get there before he drove off and told him where I was waiting and he told me he would come around and collect me. So i went back to my kids and waited. It takes almost an hour to get to ovda airport and there was not much more than 1.5 hours left before the flight time. Despite repeated calls to them no bus came and we had to get a cab to the airport. They lied to me after and said they came and we weren’t there. They were very rude, no customer service at all. AVOID at all costs – take the egged bus which is much cheaper and will save you a lot of stress!

two words: horrible company 9game. It is not serious, they are liars. Me and my sister are students and they promised us a 10% discount on a day trip to Petra to each one. They did not do it, even though I sent them the certificates by mail electricity recruitment 2015 as they requested it during the reservation. They are unpunctual. They do not respect a schedule. They told us that we were going to be at 23 in Tel Aviv and arrived at 1 am, thanks to the loss of time and lack of organization. We waited more than an hour to cross to Jordan , not because of people ( we were the only group) but because they are extremely slow and disorganized. When crossing the border back to Israel from Jordan no one assisted us and when we got to the side of Israel there was not the bus to take us back to Tel Aviv , which arrived late. Also when I asked for the receipt for the expenses incurred, they sent me a bad one where the amount is specified in NIS instead of dollars. I am still waiting for you to send me the correct receipt. A shame geothermal electricity how it works, please do yourself a favour and hire another operator or cross the border on your own( its easy and cheap!) but do not reserve with this company. It is almost certain that they will have a problem and you will not see anything of Petra, hopefully you can be two hours in the city. Never the 4 that they promise. Never again and I will let everyone know they dont respect what they said!!