Horsepower on a 366 big block gas block install


if it is a 403 in a trans am you have a small block that is true..either way…if all of the internals are stock then you you might be getting as high as 250 horse…these were not electricity outage san antonio high hp engines..I hope you knew that before you bought it I agree with all the above assessments. With the righ … t combos, you might be able to get 265 gas to liquid flywheel horsepower at 4400 rpm. The 403 Olds engine used in the Trans Am was not known for its great horsepower, but it could have a lot of low-end torque. With the right mods, you might be able to get as much as 375 ft-lbs at the flywheel, but at a low engine speed of around 2800 rpms. I wouldn’t expect much over 300 electricity history in india ft-lbs on a chassis dyno with a stock engine, though. Agreed…and the stock HP rating of the 403 equipped T/A was 185HP. That at least gives you gas engine efficiency are starting point. In 1979 the 403 was a big block not a small block and hp was 185 w 220 ft torque The 403 Olds engine is NOT a big block. It is an extremely large bore small block. It is running a bore of 4.351 and a stroke of 3.38. It shares the same external dimensions of the 307 and 350 Olds. The heads, crank and many other parts will swap between these engines. If you have electricity notes pdf a car running the smaller 307 or 350 you can swap a 403 in without any modifications to anything. I don’t know why some people have it in their heads that anything over a 400ci is a big block. It’s the same as listening to them talk about small and big block Pontiacs. Pontiac had only one la gastritis size block…externally. I do appreciate learning new things and today i did. I have owned my 79 TA w/403 since highschool (’91) and always assumed it was a big block. I am currently doing gas vs diesel truck a body on restoration with a few mechanical fixes and im knee deep in the motor right now. You are correct about the 403 being a small block. I guess i just believed it was a big block cuz i heard that hp electricity bill payment online all these years and just by looking there is a lotta engine under the hood. Still a big fan of the 403 and big or short it has done the job it was built for. yours truley, Trans Am Fan! ( Full Answer )

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