Hose and cable protector sleeves – 1050d ballistic nylon gas prices in michigan


Gnarly Wraps™ Hose and Cable protection systems provide excellent protection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and delicate cables prone to abrasion and chafing. Made in America from genuine 1050 Ballistic Nylon with a heavy back coating of polyurethane for decreased internal friction and for water resistance. Closure consists of Industrial Hook & Loop fastener rated for over 1,000 open and close cycles.

Our open wrap, ‘peel able’ design makes installation fast and easy, without requiring disconnection or removal of cables and hoses. Cuts labor costs significantly compared to old tube type abrasion sleeves. This post assembly feature of Gnarly Wraps™ helps eliminate costly maintenance and downtime of your machinery and equipment by reducing hydraulic system contamination and wear and tear on connectors and terminals that is prone to happen during removal and replacement required for older, tube type sleeves.

Stock sizes of 1” ID through 8 inch Inner Diameter in common footage lengths to accommodate 98% of industrial line applications can be ordered online using our convenient online purchasing form above. For custom lengths and widths of almost any size; to the fraction of the inch or millimeter, call or e-mail us with your specifications. Prices for custom sizes are comparable to the prices for the nearest stock sized product, with no additional charges for custom design or sizing.

Custom shaped Gnarly Wraps™ hose safety sleeves that can fit over flanges, ferrules, valves, line splitters and other hose and cable appliances and features can also be manufactured to your specifications, but may require you to submit a diagram or drawing showing the dimensions of the special shapes encountered in the design. Additional charges for custom design or sizing may be accessed for special shapes, such as tapers, bulges, box shapes and other designs that do not have a constant width. Can be made to your specifications, either peel open design or closed, fitted.

Color Coded or Labeled Hose Protectors to identify specific hoses and cables: The 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon Industrial Fabric that Gnarly Wraps™ are made from is currently only available in black. Substantial minimum orders are required to manufacture custom colors of this material, please contact us with your requirements.

However, there are other options for color coding Gnarly Wraps™: One option is striping with polypropylene webbing strips of various colors including: safety yellow, safety orange, safety red, blue, dark green, brown, grey and white. Other industrial color coded webbing is available with very low minimum orders. Reflective webbing trim featuring 3M Scotchlite™ for night time visibility is also available.

Cloth, vinyl or Tyvek® safety identification labels can also be sewn onto Gnarly Wraps™ to help identify contents of the hose, pipe or cable. Labels can be supplied by the customer, or we can have the labels manufactured to your specifications. Pricing for labeling is dependent upon the size and number of labels to be sewn. Contact us for more information about labeling sleeves.

Gnarly Wraps™ Can also be made from 1000 Denier CORDURA® Nylon which comes in 20 colors as well as 1680 Denier, Luggage Grade Nylon., (comes in 5 colors) Cotton Canvas and other stock materials, vinyl and fabric. Hypalon® (CSM) hose sleeves that are designed for constant outdoor use and exposure to oxidizing chemicals can also be manufactured to customer specifications, for protection against the elements and UV light.

Layered and Insulated, Thermal Hose Sleeves: Custom Manufactured Insulated Gnarly Wraps™ Protective Hose sleeves can also be thermally and vibration insulated with closed cell neoprene foam or any variety of cotton canvas that we stock. Please contact us with your requirements. Applications for Insulated Hose and cable Sleeves include: refrigeration units, air conditioning units, vibrating machinery and equipment. Automated milling machines, mining and production equipment.

Gnarly Wraps™ Hose protectors can also be used for protecting the gas grill hose on a barbeque grill, to help protect it from dogs and other animals biting and chewing the rubber BBQ hoses. Most standard gas grill hoses will take the 1 inch inner diameter size. Length will vary depending on the make and model of your grill, from 1 foot to 4 feet. Premier Hose Chafe Protection. Can also be used to protect a garden hose or can be made to fit multiple garden hoses. Not just for hoses, Gnarly Wraps™ can be used on ropes and cables on exercise machines and fitness equipment to prevent fraying of the ropes during workouts at fitness clubs and gyms.

Excellent for use between server cabinets and racks in server rooms and data centers to provide an easily scalable cable management solution. easily insert more cables into a bundle without the need to cut and replace zip ties. No need to fully open the Gnarly Wraps™ as cables can be slipped into the bundle by opening a few inches at a time, slipping the new cables in and re-sealing as you work your way to the end of the cable bundle.

Forklifts, excavating equipment, bull dozers / crawlers, cement trucks, front end loaders, backhoes, track hoes, dump trucks, oil drilling rigs, boring machines, mining and logging equipment, skid steers, trenchers. Protective sleeves for welding leads and welding hoses. Often called Hydraulic Burst Sleeves.