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She first heard the steady beep of her own heart on the monitor followed by the muffled sounds of people gas tax in washington state outside. Closer to her she recognised the voices of both Minata and her older sister Meiakane talking in hushed tones, slowly Ame woke up. Her vision at first blurry and becoming clearer as the youngest Hayato immediately took in the hospital room. She had survived the fight with the Russian Mafia and yet her fighting hand was disabled.

Ame noted she could not move her left wrist that was now wrapped in a cast and suspended in the air, she was also slightly raised off the bed, the framework making sure she was not laying completely on her injured upper back. She did not know the gas oil mix ratio chart status of her thighs but from the heavy bandaging and numbing pain she had no doubt they were stitched up too.

“Imouto, you’re awake, Thank the Gods” Meiakane’s soft voice reached her ears and Ame turned her head, Minata was no longer in the room and the sisters were alone. Ame smiled weakly before her face changed to one of seriousness “The Russian?” “Her head has been lopped off” Mei waved one of her hands in the air “You had fun I take it Nee-chan…” Ame quirked an eyebrow amusedly “My definition of fun is different to yours Ame-chan” Meiakane smirked and folded her arms.

Silence resumed inside the ward and Ame lowered her face thinking over what had happened inside Space Ibiza, “Why gas blower will not start did you have to come out of hiding, you were safe when no one knew that you existed, let alone jumped across the Pacific and took up resident here in New York City” Meiakane’s strained voice reached Ame’s ears and she looked up to her big sister.

Concern and fear crossed the older Yakuza’s face, Ame rarely saw her sister with these emotions she was usually so cold, so proud and sometimes teasing with her little sister but this morning it was a whole new expression. “Nee-chan I…” “You should have stayed home back gas number in Japan; you would have been protected!” Meiakane raised her voice a little as she started to pace the small white room. Ame frowned and folded her unbroken arm “I am a Hayato too Nee-chan, staying indoors like a hermit has never been my sort of thing!” “Yes and look where that got you this time Ame!” Meiakane faced her glaring.

Ame shrunk back into the safety of her hospital bed, her defiant gaze switching to defeat. Her older sister sighed dropping her head, her electricity for beginners long raven hair covering her face “It was too close, if Minata hadn’t sprinted in first. I could have lost you…” The sisters rarely showed affection to each other especially out in public, it was something that had been drilled into their heads after being raised by their father alone. But at the end of all their bloody missions and squabbles, they were still family and cared about each other’s wellbeing.

“Gomen nasai Nee-chan…” Ame trailed off softly, Meiakane walked over and sat beside her, reaching out and y gasset holding onto her broken hand gently “Just don’t scare me like that again” Ame nodded slowly before looking out at the city skyline. Meiakane followed her gaze and said quietly “You’re leaving again aren’t you, where to this time Imouto?” “I’m thinking Prague”.