House immunizing of the key witness who is trump’s cfo may face tough challenges origin electricity login


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Weisselberg is exposed, according to several indications, to prosecution. Cohen’s testimony implicated Weisselberg. And, Weisselberg was a witness before the federal grand jury in New York in 2018. He was not v gashi 2013 cooperating. He was emphatically not cooperating. Weisselberg remains at his post as Trump’s CFO and appears to be a hundred percent Trump loyalist.

The prosecutors may well be keeping the card in their back pocket that Weisselberg could be prosecuted based on the already-recorded testimony and documents that does not trace in any electricity off peak hours way to Weisselberg’s immunized testimony. This is especially feasible because Weisselberg testified behind grand jury closed doors so his testimony was not out in the public media to risk tainting government case.

Even though Weisselberg is extremely desirable as a witness, Committees will face two mp electricity bill payment jabalpur types of difficult problems getting him First, the committee must ask, first informally, later formally, of the views of the Department of Justice about immunity. The answer from the office of the federal prosecutor in New York may well be that they hold onto the option of prosecuting Weisselberg.

Second, regardless of the prosecutorial views, a House Committee immunity takes a two-thirds vote. That was put in the electricity 4th grade powerpoint immunity statute, to build caution and restraint. So the Democratic majority needs Republican votes. Now, in the past, Republican minorities did support immunity, even when their ultimate conclusions would wd gaster cosplay tutorial be anti-majority. I had the title of Special Deputy Chief Counsel for the House Iran-contra Committee and watched the ranking Republican, none other than Dick Cheney (later George W. Bush’s vice president) vote, strategically yet honorably, for immunity for a stream of witnesses to help the committee get at the truth.

Can it happen anyway? Here is a very early reading of the tea electricity 1800s leaves. First, take the prosecutorial opposition. Note that Cohen, when testifying, said he would not go into areas still being investigated. It is possible the prosecutors could grade 6 electricity experiments negotiate for Weisselberg to testify in specific subject areas remote from his potential exposure to prosecution. That would set back the Committee, in getting some of what it wants, but the Committee would still get a good deal, and, something is better than nothing.

As for the two-thirds vote, there is a tactic that has never been wb state electricity board recruitment tried in the history of the immunity statute. Namely, instead of the Committee voting, there could be a vote by the whole House. This vote can be a simple majority, not a two-thirds vote. (It does not require any action by the Senator or the President.) This would dramatically demonstrate the stances of the majority and minority party. Is Weisselberg gas density worth that much time and attention? Maybe so.