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If any resident is likely to require assistance in the event of an emergency, due to a temporary or permanent disability, please leave your details with the Concierge. The Concierge provides a Resident Assistance Program. gas x extra strength vs ultra strength Should a resident or visitor of a resident accidentally set off a fire alarm, the offender will be required to pay for the cost of the fire services

Recycle bins are located on car park basement levels 1, 3 & 5. Glass & plastic bottles are to be left in the recycle bins and all cardboard boxes are to be flattened and placed in the large flattened boxes bins also located on basement levels 1, 3, & 5. Hard rubbish collections are organised quarterly.The removal of any items outside of these times must be arranged by the resident and not left in the basements. Please contact the Concierge for directions and assistance.

If you notice anyone acting suspiciously in the building please contact the Concierge or Building Manager. gas station in spanish Please accompany your visitors whilst they are in common property areas. Residents must allow access to guests, via the intercom, to access the lift, Concierge are not permitted to swipe up guests or residents to levels. If you are leaving a set of keys for a contractor or your cleaner, be sure to leave a swipe otherwise they will not be able to gain access to your level.

The Cinema, Massage Therapy room, Boardroom and Executive Lounge can be booked through the Concierge. In some circumstances a bond of $500 may apply and additional staffing required (subject to Chairman approval). gas in back trapped Contractors engaged for the provision of catering or massage services must provide a public liability of insurance to utilize the facilities. All facilities must be left in the same condition as found. SWIMMING POOL & GYMNASIUM

Only resident’s pets are permitted in apartments. electricity and magnetism purcell Residents must ensure their pets are controlled at all times. All pets must be leashed, carried or properly restrained at all times when on or in common areas. e electricity bill If any animal creates any mess in any of the common areas it must be cleaned up thoroughly and the area deodorised immediately by the pet’s owner or supervisor.

Any costs associated with damage to common areas whilst moving of items is the responsibility of the resident. The moving of all furniture and goods in and out of the building must be made by arrangement with the Concierge. types of electricity pdf Residents are encouraged to notify the Concierge and complete paperwork at least three days before their move/delivery to ensure that the lift is available for use and that protective covers are installed in the allotted lift to protect lift walls and floor surface. Booking of lifts are based on a first-come, first-served basis and two lifts cannot be used simultaneously.

Moves/deliveries are only permitted between 9:30am and 5:00pm (Monday to Friday excluding Public Holiday). Any moves/deliveries arriving before 9:30am and after 5:00pm will be turned away. Weekend moves/deliveries are not permitted. gas 91 octane The moving of all furniture and goods is permitted only through the Residents Car Park entrance at the rear of the building on Queens Lane. This also applies to tradesmen bringing in any material. Residents (or their designated representative) must be present to receive all furniture and goods. The Concierge is not permitted to receive any furniture and goods on a resident’s behalf or give delivery personnel access to A resident’s apartment. Residents must notify the Concierge when furniture and goods arrive to the obtain loading bay and lift access. Residents must use care when transporting furniture or bulky items in the lifts and common areas. On completion of the move/delivery, residents are responsible for ensuring that all rubbish is cleared from public areas. Residents must ensure that all cartons and packing crates are placed in the rubbish room situated on the ground floor at the rear of the building. If any damage arises from the moving of a residents’ goods or if areas are left untidy or in need of cleaning, the Building Manager will arrange the rectification works as required and an account will be rendered for the required cleaning and/or repairs.

The Owners Corporation requires that the underlay meets an appropriate acoustic rating for flooring which is to be installed in apartment buildings. Included in the required specification is the impact isolation coefficient rating. gas station near me The Owners Corporation requires a 5 Star Rating as specified on the AAAC Guidelines on page 9 section C Impact Isolation Of Floors.