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According to the charity Asthma UK, there are 5.4 million people in the UK (1.1 million children and 4.3 million adults) receiving treatment for asthma. E85 gas stations in iowa But questions are now being raised about this figure, with suggestions that some of those diagnosed with asthma actually have something else.

‘I quite often see people who don’t have asthma but have reflux,’ says Ian Pavord, a professor of respiratory medicine at Oxford University, who also runs a severe asthma clinic at Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust.

Panic attacks or hyperventilation, viral infections, vocal cord dysfunction and smoking-related lung conditions may also get confused for asthma.

Yet many of these people will be indiscriminately given steroid inhalers for something that is, for instance, a viral infection, says Professor Pavord – and ‘so begins a lifetime of medication for them’.

This has its own potential health risks, as steroid inhalers can delay growth in youngsters or cause oral thrush (steroids alter the balance of bacteria in the mouth and so allow the thrush yeast to flourish). Gas x chewables reviews It can lead to osteoporosis, as long-term use of steroids can cause calcium to leach out of bones.

It also means patients miss out on treatment for their real condition – which in the case of reflux or vocal cord dysfunction is utterly different from the steroid inhalers given for asthma.

It is not clear how many are misdiagnosed with asthma, but last month a study published in the British Journal of General Practice suggested that as many as one in two children treated for asthma may not have it all.

Dutch scientists examined 650 children diagnosed with asthma, looking at each one’s symptoms, then dividing them into groups ranging from definitely asthmatic to almost certainly not.

Panic attacks or hyperventilation, viral infections, vocal cord dysfunction and smoking-related lung conditions may also get confused for asthma

‘This is a small study that took place in a country that has a very different healthcare system from ours,’ said Dan Murphy, Asthma UK’s director of external affairs.

Yet it is not the first time that questions have been raised about how many people really have asthma. Gas in michigan Last year, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) said: ‘Studies of adults diagnosed with asthma suggest up to 30 per cent do not have clear evidence of asthma . . . Electricity sources It is likely that many have been given an incorrect diagnosis.’

The comments came in draft guidance to improve diagnosis and monitoring of this potential killer. Electricity transmission efficiency For there is no doubt that for those who do actually have asthma, the effects can be devastating.

‘Having to fight for breath is truly unpleasant,’ says Professor Pavord. Gas efficient cars 2010 Three people die every day while having a severe asthma attack. Gas gas So why is misdiagnosis occurring?

One issue undoubtedly is that the symptoms of asthma can be confused with other conditions, but compounding this is the fact that diagnosis has for too long centred on symptoms and not the available tests.

‘A lot of people with a wheezy illness get labelled as asthmatic and there is a growing feeling that there needs to be a more analytical approach,’ says Professor Pavord.

This means using diagnostic tests. Electricity bill cost per unit In its draft guidance last year, NICE recommended that a diagnosis should be made only after the patient has had a lung function test called spirometry.

This involves breathing hard into a mouthpiece that’s attached to a spirometer machine to measure the volume of air (an asthmatic usually has a lower result). Electricity merit badge requirements Depending on that result, children over five and adults should then be offered a FeNO test, which measures the amount of nitric oxide in the breath. Gas definition It works very much like a breathalyser and is a test that a GP can do.

‘Nitric oxide is produced by the lining of the airways when inflamed,’ says Professor Pavord. Electric utility companies in florida ‘People who are wheezing as a result of a viral illness, for example, will have normal nitric oxide readings, while asthmatics will not.’

The FeNO test is, he says, ‘very easy’. Pass gas in spanish ‘It can be done in a minute and is like blowing into a breathalyser machine. Gas x strips directions It is also more accurate than spirometry.’

‘There are some people who do have asthma, but so mildly that they do not need steroid inhalers – and this would be reflected in their reading.’

Yet according to the recent Dutch study – albeit not in the UK – only 16 per cent of the children diagnosed with asthma had been given a spirometry test.

‘But if there was greater use of the FeNO test, we could quickly work out if is this a mild viral problem that will just go away or whether it is asthma,’ he adds.

‘For example, young people viewed as low-risk go to a concert, get a lungful of allergens [such as grass pollen], maybe have a cigarette as they don’t think they have serious asthma – and they then die of asthma.’

Dr Imran Rafi, the chairman of clinical innovation and research at the Royal College of GPs, says there are undoubtedly challenges in diagnosing asthma, yet the college is not yet certain that the new tests suggested by NICE will work for all.

‘The FeNO test does not work so well in the under‑fives, the elderly and those who smoke,’ he says. Gas zeta costa rica ‘We need assurance about the value of the benefits of these new tests. 9gag nsfw That’s why pilot studies are ongoing.’

Doctors tried to treat her reflux with medication, but when that failed, she opted for surgery with the LINX system – here a ‘bracelet’ comprising tiny magnets encased in titanium is implanted around the oesophagus.

When the patient swallows, the magnetic bond temporarily breaks to allow food and drink to pass normally, but then the magnets close, restoring a barrier to the reflux.