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If you want to be able to print Open Dining order notifications to your EPSON receipt printer, though, you need to utilize EPSON’s software, as the Windows automatic discovery and installation of your printer just won’t cut it. You need arkla gas pay bill to download and install the EPSON Advanced Printer Driver (APD), which we’re going to walk through in this article.

First, you’ll want to make sure that the printer is connected (whether directly to the target gas stoichiometry calculator computer or over the restaurant’s local network) and is powered on. Next, you’ll want to check to be sure that the printer isn’t already installed on the Windows computer. You can verify this by visiting your Windows Control Panel to see if the printer is listed on the Devices and Printers page. If it’s not, great. If it is, you may need to delete gas meter car it before you can properly follow the next steps, but keep in mind that deleting an existing printer could electricity research centre affect a current print configuration with your restaurant’s POS system, for example.

Now, let’s say your restaurant is rockin’ an EPSON TM-T88IV Receipt printer. Simply click on the Select driver dropdown (the top dropdown in the above screenshot) and scroll to the EPSON TM-T88IV Receipt item in the list and click on it. Doing this will also populate the Printer name field with the same name (you can change this field to whatever gas definition name you want, though it’s usually more convenient to leave it as-is).

• Ethernet port: an Ethernet port a little more common these days, and is used for connecting to networks. If your EPSON printer is using an Ethernet port, it won’t be plugged directly into your computer, but rather to a network router or switch. You’d select the Create origin electricity login an Ethernet port option if the port you’re plugging into looks like this:

First, we’d like to stress that you must choose the proper port type for your particular EPSON printer, otherwise the printer just won’t work. If you accidentally select the wrong port electricity 1 unit how many watts type, don’t stress — you’ll be taken back to the Printer Configuration window after you set up your printer, where you can highlight the printer in the list and click the Edit button to make changes to your configuration.

Setting up a parallel port is not usually super-complicated. Typically, there is only one parallel port gas natural fenosa (LPT1, as shown above, which the installer will default to), and that’s the only thing that will be listed in the dropdown. If there happen to be more set up, they’ll be called LPT2, LPT3, and so forth, and you may need to select each one and save the configuration gas constant in atm change (and run a test print job for each) until you find the one that successfully prints out a test page.

Don’t let the number of fields in this window intimidate you. Like gas gas parallel port configuration, serial port configuration is actually not typically a big deal. The APD app usually automatically detects the first available COM port for your printer installation, and if that one doesn’t seem gas works park events to work when you test it, you’ll just need to select the next one in the list and save the configuration change (and run a test print job for each) until you find the one that successfully prints out a test page (just like with parallel port gas prices in texas 2015 configuration). The remaining fields in the window almost never need to be altered.

Select this option if your EPSON printer has a USB connection. Since USB ports are what is referred to as plug and play, most of what they need is detected behind the scenes, so when you select this, there’s no USB-specific configuration window. The APD app will just jump straight to the configuration windows that are typical of all the other setup options (Printer Configuration gas what i smoke, Start Copying Files, etc.). Just click Next, Next, Next, Finish to get through these, then — like a Soundgarden cover band that just finished a sound check — you’ll be ready to rock ‘n roll.

If you haven’t done so already and are gas bubble not integrating Open Dining with a POS app, you’ll want to download and install the Open Dining printer app, which you can do via the instructions listed here. If you have a POS system configured (whether or not it’s integrated with Open Dining) and want to print from it to the newly installed EPSON printer, you may need to go into your POS’s configuration settings to point to the new no electricity jokes printer.