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SP – The working class of the world are objectively the only revolutionary force on the planet. What is required now is revolutionary leadership and political education of the workers and youth, to prevent the destruction of humanity by the 10% of the ruling elite for obscene private profit. o gastronomo Please study the and help build the international party of the working class, the ICFI, SEP and the IYSSE.

The nation state antagonisms have led to a ever growing trade war, the collapse of the EU and many countries in a state of economic collapse, i e Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Italy … This was not was not some new system of some neo liberals but an already existing market system in its degeneration and the most massive development of social inequality in history with a very few controlling 90% of the wealth. The rivalry fuels a future world war.

It tells me that you see only in black and white and that you are convinced of ‘your truth’, any other voices from within the collective that don’t agree with you are wrong. That you see no other road than socialism and my only hope is that you have never been, and will never be, a leader of a trade union because anyone that forces their will on the rest of us really isn’t qualified for the job. Be a boss somewhere else.

AB – AA, The SEP and wsws site has countless articles that oppose the ISO and others that back reactionary union corporate sell outs. WE fight successfully to create rank and file committees to oppose the current trade union leaders that keep each struggle isolated. You denounce the fight for revolutionary leadership, the basis of the founding of the 4th international, yet seem to see reactionary leadership as an issue. So your answer is what? To replace these corporate union leaders with what??? while the owners still control all the productive forces and hammer the worker force and national rivalries rage and a new world war is in the making. France just announced a draft. Social democracy has never historically stopped any fragment of the draconian economic program of Imperialism diverting social program funds into the war machine.

To you, the communist manifesto may “read like it was written yesterday”, but to me it was written with chalk on slate. Interesting concepts and ideas, but just another example of one man’s opinion being thrown as a lifeline to save us all. Not like Mein Kampf, but not so different either. u gas hampton Just another text book used as an absolute truth by enthusiastic followers that expect us all to adhere to their superior guidance.

SP – We are simply exposing to the workers, who may be trapped in your Pseudo-left, anti-working-class outfit, and to point them to the independent mobilisation of the worlds working class for the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist system. We have nothing more to say to you. The workers will get the picture. Most workers hate the Unions which you wholeheartedly support.

Two paragraphs were enough. This is ignorant twaddle. Trotsky deplored the decimation of the working class (by intervention essentially; that propped up the reactionary rump of Czarism with the help of profoundly backward peasants) that had brought the Bolsheviks to power. electricity song lyrics This is in the first two paras and it doesn’t get much better-and neither do the solecisms. This is a terrible auto-da-fe that adresses none of the very real criticisms an intelligent observer could make of the SEP. electricity history in india It is rather a confession of faith in the dull, tribal commonplaces of a moribund party that could benefit from a little Trotskyist ginger. AIMN is sinking faster than Shorten is failing to rise.

Well David, don’t blame the AIMN, it’s far more generous and socially minded than yourself. It’s not only “intelligent observers” that should have a voice in the collective, I’m just one of the peasants mate. Speaking for myself, one voice in a collective of many. Trotsky spoke on our behalf, sure, but he never actually believed he was one of us. Do you speak as one of us or on our behalf?

The issue is simple. gas and bloating You can develop labor power or you can degrade it for the sake of the purchasing power of individual capitals and capitalists. If you do the latter demand will fall and the economy will stagnate. It doesn’t how and when you do it or it some senses if you do it, but in a democracy you must be able to do it. Like the savage you are you simply decry the democratic imperative as “extremism”. This is itself the mindless extremism of the extreme center. It is so very tiresome, a bit like the emperor sans clothes resorting to playing with himself. Enjoy! Workers aren’t.

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