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As said SM is a more tragic case because there are actual signs of life in places and at least some attempts at proper character-driven episodes that focus on all the cast’s niches, but they’re still minimal or for select cast members, so the potential is actually shown but not fully used. Sophocles and Lillie have actually had a handful episodes of playing the smart guy of the group and providing info or resources in a cool way, but that’s it, a handful of episodes. It’s taken till just now for Mallow to get an episode fully focused on her profession as well. They’re not characters they can constantly keep busy and relevant in subtle ways like Ash and Kiawe.

I think the writers are still unequipped to branching out of the formula and having the cast do really diverse things instead of just formula and battle and what not. In fairness it is a show to promote toys and games, so that is the standard brainwave. SM does feel like the point they are genuinely TRYING to make things distinct but are clearly having a hard time thinking up ideas for some of the cast. It’s signs of a good CONCEPT in it’s primordial stage (BW and XY did start off downplaying the formula, but there were far less cases it actually hit the target like SM does), which is why I’m hoping by Gen 8 they might have become flexible.

Maybe this was actually why Kanto was ironically better balanced, the formula wasn’t fully set back then and so there was more cases of standard cartoon/action antics than just mimicking the games mechanics. Misty for example was more active in Kanto than in OI/Johto, but more as a character than a trainer, when the formula got set and restrictive she lost a lot of her ability to stick out. Also perhaps why Team Rocket weren’t as monotonous, since a lot of their face-offs were more Looney Tunes-ish antics and trickery over standard bad battling.

If there is one thing I’d like them to develop on, it’s the use of non-battle goals and dynamics. Don’t get me wrong, I want some good battles, but previous series have shown by pattern that the writers struggle to do many quality battles, thus things dwindle and fall out of balance after too long.

Usually Ash gets the lion’s share of developed battles, one companion gets most of the gimmick focused ones (eg. Misty, Iris, the contest Pokegirls), while the remaining companion gets leftovers like the TR curb stomps or half-finished demonstrations if they’re lucky (eg. Serena, Brock). Making things too revolved around battles means someone’s gonna get screwed over or get the ‘lame’ bits.

While the SM cast feel unbalanced right now, they don’t feel lacking in importance simply because they don’t all battle. Many plots revolve around different agendas and abilities, which allows for more variation. It also means they aren’t as reliant on plot armour as previous series, where if you didn’t battle often it meant tons of action scenes where you relied on DEMs or were suddenly as experienced as the guys that trained the whole series (eg. the previously mentioned instance of Serena being able to match Ash despite minimal battle development).

Add to that SM doesn’t feel as goal focused as the other series, which I do kinda like. Most of the characters have basic agendas to keep them proactive, but there’s a lot more value on actual personality, compared to earlier series where if you didn’t have some big ongoing competition you were in trouble of becoming the background companion, even if you actual character was okay.

Even Rotomdex sort of fills this criteria, since he mostly works as comic relief and exposition, but he has ongoing interest in finding new data and Pokemon to keep him motivated (especially since the region trips and Ultra Beast encounters allow him to actually progress a little in this).

Click to expand…Yeah I’d like more moments the weaker trainers still manage to show skill by ‘working smarter not harder’. As said we’ve had SOME occasions with Lillie and Sophocles where they have a good brains and brawn dynamic with Ash, but they come in limited numbers. It would also circumvent the problem of Ash rendering them redundant by being the most experienced and strong trainer since it’s only ONE niche necessary. (Though one funny moment I liked was where Mallow literally dragged Ash with her to watch over Lillie, needing some good muscle in case she got in trouble, she knows the situations Ash is handy for). XD

Kiawe doesn’t feel redundant from Ash for example, despite Ash having the Fire starter, since the two get a lot more focus on abilities instead of just raw power this series. Torracat blatantly doesn’t work the same as Turtonator or Marowak so there’s different points they come in handy, compared to say the OS where Squirtle and Totodile had the majority of base moves all of Misty’s team had, plus more entertaining personalities on top of it, so guess who got to be used more often when they needed a water type. Sophocles feels like he has potential too, since his Electric types have some unique practical abilities to compensate for lacking Pikachu’s raw power (eg. Togedemaru’s Lightning Rod) but the problem is they haven’t gained anymore since they first appeared (stuff like Electric Field or Electro Web could be key game changers for situations).

The Alolan Meowth episode was another good example of the twerps using a ton of their Pokemon’s unique abilities to remedy the situation (eg. Rowlet’s flying, Lycanroc’s sense of smell, Turtonator’s large hide, Togedemaru’s Lightning Rod), notice however it was the guys’ Pokemon that came in handy while the girls were just stuck in the background.

TRio always have good episodes and at least basic character agency, being villains with motivations and valour, just too often it’s done in a cheap ‘plot device antagonist’ sort of way and they’re always working against their own repetitive incompetence and the heroes’ plot armour. Most of their plots are always episodic and they are rarely allowed to level grind or make some sort of significant long term step, leaving them rather static too, compared to Ash who, despite always failing at his quest too, at least makes long term progress throughout each series or, in the case of SM, tries different approaches altogether.

I feel like SM has potential with TR, since not only are their direct antagonist roles more moderated, but they’re actually trying more varied or methodical ways to reach their quota, some like building a lab and gaining access to the Z Moves are agendas ongoing many episodes, instead of just constant episodic Pokemon stealing schemes. It would be neat if there was some sort of fruit from all this and they managed to actually become more effective as an ongoing character arc, but I can see stuff like Bewear or their bad luck keeping them as comic relief padding.

BW had a similar arc value, especially with their competent streak, having some long term schemes they slowly and methodically worked on and got to the final stage with. The problem however was they completely sacrificed their personalities in the process, making it harder to be invested in them.