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Extracted from cocoa plant leaves in the form of white powder, cocaine is a drug which can be consumed in a number of ways. Rarely ingested in its purest form, it is often combined with other substances to increase its profitability. There are three main ways cocaine can be ingested. The most popular and preferred way gas number is snorting the drug through the nasal passage while it is in powder form. A more direct route is to inject cocaine directly into a vein. Finally, just as quick is the inhalation of it when it is in the form of smoke. However, smoking cocaine carries the greater risk of addiction electricity vs gas heating costs because more of the drug enters the bloodstream. How Does Cocaine Make You Feel?

Now that you know how cocaine makes you feel, you may be wondering how long the high lasts. The duration of the drug’s effect is dependent on how it was ingested. If snorted, the high typically lasts up to 30 minutes and is less intense than other methods of ingestion. When users inject or smoke cocaine, the high duration is shorter but much more intense. The electricity and magnetism review game average period of this type of high is 10 minutes or less. The length of the high will come crashing down and that’s why the user will gradually crave it in larger quantity and more often. What Does It Do to Your Body? Effects of Cocaine

From the very first time you take it, you run the risk z gas tecate telefono of an overdose. If you are taking an anti-depressant, your chances of experiencing respiratory arrest are even higher. Your lungs are damaged each time you smoke the drug. Users that inject cocaine run a risk of hepatitis and HIV infection as they tend to share needles. If a woman uses the drug while pregnant, she can have a miscarriage and the baby can experience birth defects. Addiction

Considered a highly addictive drug, cocaine use is dangerous because users can become dependent from the initial use. People can build a tolerance to cocaine, making it very dangerous indeed. This leads to addiction, as it takes gas x side effects liver more often and higher doses to get the same effect as initial using. Feelings of agitation and depression can occur between doses, which is another reason why it is so hard to quit. It is so addictive that users stop worrying about their overall well-being, including health and finances. Cocaine Withdrawal

How does cocaine make you feel when you attempt to quit? The intensity of cocaine’s withdrawal symptoms is as strong as the feelings of euphoria it induces electricity transformer near house. Individuals attempting to quit can go through feeling of restlessness, fatigue, body aches, bad dreams, suicidal thoughts and depression. The longer someone has been using cocaine, the longer the symptoms can last. What to Consider When Seeking for Treatment

There are several ways to determine what type of treatment and/or facility is best. Several facilities and methods of treatment can be found online. Individuals can visit electricity song 2015 the centers or inquire about services on the phone. A good way to figure out whether a program is right or not is to speak with recovered cocaine addicts who used their system. Doctors can refer individuals to state-sponsored or privately-owned facilities.