How does one calculate fuel consumption based on distance covered by a vehicle – car talk – nigeria 8 gas laws


I happen to do a lot of analysis based on fuel consumption of various vehicles as related to the work I do. Though there is a certain standard that we use for these calculations or analysis but I have not been able to exactly ascertain how this standards was gotten in the first instance and online research has been of little help as the parameters used are different from what is obtainable here.

Chelc the below formulae, i feel its fairly accurate to some extent if its not being modified. The only thing that will make you question it is the variations in calculatioon on a daily which can be due to various reasons like Traffic, Non-Traffic(makes result impressive but should not be standard), Driver Running the engine whilst not moving for AC, driving style of driver, wrong assumption on the amount of fuel left in the tank and some others. This can alter your final results on your weekly report.

The average KM/L that you ask for will only be for new vehicles and are ‘estimates’ by the manufacturers. They will not apply most times to these vehicle types because of the mode of use. Over time(years), the effectiveness of the vehicles in terms on fuel consumption will ultimately reduce and its left to the formulae to determine the very close and semi-accurate km/L . If Fuel gauges were digital and could tell exact amount of Litres left in the tank for these vehicles then getting an exact usage of fuel per distance will be accurate.

Hello house, I use 2006 Toyota Corolla, Automatic, 4 plugs with 1.6 or 1.8 engine ,the corolla is 5 year and 3 months with me, i have used it only twice to lagos i was not the one that drove to Lagos ooooh but I drove to Benin once and Enugu once, Awka like 10 times, umuahia 2 times and i travel once or 2 times every month to Imo State Mbaise my country home. When fuel was #100 i used to buy #3,000 fuel from Asaba for my trip to Mbaise go and come back and the fuel will still remain, from Asaba Okpanam Road by Akpu Junction to Head bridge (Onitsha) is 10 km then from the same Akpu junction to owerri control post is 64 km.then to Ezinihitte Mbaise is about 15 to 20 km i always forgot to check it when i got to my village.Then now fuel is #145 i buy #4,500 to go to Mbaise and come back Asaba fuel will still remain but it depends on the petrol station i bought fuel, sometimes it will not remain as i expect it ,i dont buy fuel when coming back unless i spent days in Mbaise. The second time i traveled to Umuahia my fuel was showing red from Okpanam road by Mac Dons to Nnpc after Road Safety along Asaba – Onitsha Expressway where i bought #5,000 fuel then i used my phone and typed the figure on my speedometer before continuing my journey from Asaba to Umuahia through owerri – Mbaise Road, in Umuahia we went to Ibeku Umuahia near Shoprite from there we went to Ubakala and from there we came back to Asaba through Mbaise – Owerri Road to Asaba, i went to Okpanam Road by back of NTA to drop someone as i was reversing to go my fuel showed red because my eyes was always there to know when it will show red and i parked immediately i minused the figure i typed after buying fuel with the current figure on my speedometer the answer was 205 km from Asaba to Umuahia and Ubakala, please note Ubakala is still in Abia State and very close to Umuahia and back to Asaba with #5,000 fuel.