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About six months ago, on May 29, Major League Soccer formally announced that the USL team FC Cincinnati would join MLS as an expansion club for the 2019 season. It was an exciting time for the club — in just three short years, they had defied the odds, bursting onto the scene by shattering attendance records and turning baseball fans on to soccer.

The club was also concerned that the word “Cincinnati” wasn’t featured prominently enough on the old crest. electricity deregulation wikipedia The city name was dwarfed by the large “FC” lettering above it, leading some fans to refer to the team simply as “FC.” With hundreds of other clubs using “FC” as part of their name, officials were concerned the team’s brand would be lost.

The club did decide to tweak their shades of orange and blue, going with what Shemony calls a “deeper” blue and a “punchier” orange. Shemony described the old colors as “loud” and said that he could see blue and the orange “vibrate” when placed next to each other. By deepening the hue of the blue, he says the “noise” in the scheme decreased allowed the colors to work in a more “symbiotic” way.

As Interbrand struggled to find a workable shape for the new logo, the designers and the club took a trip to the neighborhood FC Cincinnati will eventually call home — the West End. The neighborhood is home to some of the oldest buildings in the city and is full of classic 19th Century architecture, which provided plenty of inspiration for the team.

One crest in particular caught their eye: a five-pointed crest located on the Lifehouse Worship Center located on Central Avenue, directly across the street from the site of FC Cincinnati’s future stadium. Not only was the five-point shape wide enough to house a word like “Cincinnati” but it could easily be molded to resemble the panel on a traditional soccer ball — or, the floating element in the old crest [ click photo below to enlarge].

Brazelton said that as many as 10 designers were working on the logo at one time, brainstorming, sketching, and critiquing. The designers were also trying to sketch with storytelling in mind. electricity kwh cost For example, it was decided the lion’s mane would have seven notches to represent the “Seven Hills” of Cincinnati, and the feathers in the lion’s wing would represent the club’s three-year journey into MLS.

Though Interbrand declined to share images of work in progress with me, both Brazelton and Shemony confirmed that the agency brought two logos to FC Cincinnati for final approval: the final product, and a skinnier crest with a shape that more resembled the original logo. FC Cincinnati agreed with Interbrand that the wider five-point crest was the way to go.

Immediately after the leak, supporters dubbed the new winged lion “Gary.” One supporter group even traced the negative space in the lion’s body to spell out the new name. gas house edwards Both Shemony and Brazelton called the find “a stretch” but lauded the fans’ creativity. “Gary” has already inspired a Twitter account and countless memes shared among supporters.

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Which means that it’s the job of the logo to do the communicating, to tell whatever story one intends to tell. So if a company feels the need to explain what the logo is saying, then the logo itself is, by definition, a failure. A badly designed logo. Should details of the new Cincy logo make me think of Cincinnati? Probably yes. But either they do or they don’t, and if they don’t, then a press release explaining to me what the logo should have made me see just gilds the lily of the design failure.

Like, the lion wearing a crown to make me think of “Queen City”? Maybe, though the fact that it’s a male lion, and therefore by definition not a queen, and the fact that the maned lion on its own is a common symbol of royalty, undercut the value and impact of the crown. But the shape of the mane to make me think of Cincy’s seven hills? Zero people looking at that logo will ever see the four-pointed mane and think “seven hills,” and they probably shouldn’t, so that’s a double failure of design. The first failure is the attempt to communicate something that doesn’t need communicating; the second failure is that the logo doesn’t even come close to communicating that thing anyway.