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Compost is often considered a panacea for the United States’ tremendous food waste problem. Electricity quiz ks2 Indeed, composting is a much better option than putting spoiled food in a garbage can destined for a landfill.

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I recently wrote about Internal Carbon Fees and how the right kind of emissions inventory is necessary to realize the full potential of these programs. Gas x and pregnancy Specifically, the inventory should be accurate, transparent and fine grain. 8 gases In this post, I’ll elaborate on the concept of granularity – the granularity of the data tracked and exposed through the emissions inventory. Electricity font generator The Different Types of Granularity

There are two different types of granularity. Hair electricity song The first is temporal granularity or the frequency at which data is tracked. Z gas el salvador numero de telefono The second is spatial granularity, referring to the number of different facilities or geographies (or other categories) across which a particular type of data is tracked separately.

To illustrate with an example, consider a common metric, such as electricity usage. Electricity was invented in what year When a company reports its greenhouse gas emissions or its total energy use on an annual basis, they need to know the total energy use, across all facilities, over a one-year period. Electricity icon This requires only coarse grain tracking. Electricity 2pm live By contrast, an energy intensive manufacturer tied into the smart grid, might measure electricity consumption across dozens of sub-metered circuits at 5-minute intervals. Gas utility boston This is fine grain tracking.

We generally advise our clients to track at as fine a grain as they can, both temporally and spatially. Gas density conversion At the same time, we recognize that finer grain tracking carries a higher cost and that each organization needs to find the right granularity for their needs and that this may change over time.

We advocate fine grain tracking because it best serves the goal of continuous improvement . Gas and supply locations To clarify – if the only energy data available to an organization is total energy use over a 12-month period, it’s difficult to make changes, based on that data alone, that reduce energy use. Gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by On the other hand, if an organization tracks the energy used at each of its facilities separately (fine spatial granularity), there’s a good chance that the organization can use this data to reduce overall energy use. Gas weed The finer spatial granularity will point to outliers – facilities that use an unusually high amount of energy or an unusually low amount of energy. Gas and electric nyc By studying the conditions and practices at the outliers, the organization might identify best practices (or practices to avoid). Gas finder app An Example of Spatial Granularity

As an example of spatial granularity, see the chart illustrated in Figure 1 , taken from the City of Bellevue’s public dashboard (hosted on Scope 5) and showing energy use intensity across different fire stations. Electricity vs magnetism Note that fire stations 1 and 3 are mild outliers in the sense that they seem to be using quite a bit less energy than the others. Gas guzzler tax It might behoove us to study operations at these facilities. Electricity in homes Figure 1 – Emissions by Facility

To take spatial granularity a step further, an organization might track different types of energy used – such as electricity vs. Electricity games online free natural gas vs. Electricity water analogy other fuels. Electricity 101 As a result, that organization might find that by using different fuels, certain facilities are able to produce the same output but at a lower cost or lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Increased spatial granularity offers other benefits too. Electricity meme Besides illuminating the existing conditions and practices that are correlated with reduced resource consumption, the increased spatial granularity might enable and stoke competition among facilities. Gas x side effects liver We often see facility managers competing to be more efficient than their peers.

Finer temporal granularity carries benefits of its own. Ag gaston funeral home birmingham al Temporal granularity makes it easy to analyze how resource usage changes with the seasons. Gas stoichiometry practice This would not be possible if only a single, annual figure were available. 76 gas station locations Further, finer temporal granularity makes it possible to put brief experiments in place to see how different practices might affect resource usage. Electricity load profile An Example Combining Spatial and Temporal Granularity

The example illustrated below demonstrates the value of spatial and temporal granularity combined. Electricity off In Figure 2 we see a chart of total emissions, taken from an actual Scope 5 client. Gas urban dictionary Note that emissions seem to have generally decreased over the years but they have a distinctly cyclical nature – they seem to peak twice a year – once in mid summer and once in mid winter, with a decrease in the shoulder seasons. Power quiz questions What’s driving this emissions profile? Figure 2 – Total Emissions

To answer this question, we’ll take advantage of a form of spatial granularity – we’ll look at emissions for each resource type separately, as illustrated in Figure 3 . Electricity and magnetism physics Figure 3 – Emissions by Resource Type

In this diagram, the red graph still illustrates total emissions but we’ve superimposed graphs that show emissions for each resource type separately – a yellow graph for electricity, a green one for mobile combustion and a blue one for stationary combustion. X men electricity mutant It becomes immediately apparent that stationary combustion emissions drive the winter peaks while mobile combustion emissions drive the summer peaks. Z gas el salvador precios Electricity emissions are relatively stable across seasons. Gas pains or contractions Conclusion

When we consider the potential benefits of fine grain tracking we might be inclined to ask Why track at anything less than the very finest grain? After all, the data starts out that way – why lump it together? Why tolerate any loss of detail? Taken to the extreme – we should be tracking each and every activity down to individual light bulbs, by the millisecond!

But there’s a tradeoff to consider – the finer the grain the more work is required to collect and maintain the data. B games basketball More instrumentation and more sophisticated data systems are required.

And so, each organization should choose the appropriate level of granularity for each of its metrics. Gas jet size chart An important question to ask in making these choices should be Will the finer granularity support improved performance? Consider for example, an organization that leases a number of offices in a number of larger buildings. Electricity deregulation map Unless these offices are sub-metered, they may simply be allocated a certain percent of total building energy based on office size. J gastrointest surg In this case, there’s little motivation to track at a fine granularity. Electricity jokes puns Whatever practices the organization puts in place to reduce energy use at its offices would not be reflected in the data collected and tracked. Grade 6 science electricity test Finer grain tracking would not support improved performance. A level physics electricity questions and answers ( Actually, the new Scope 2 guidance from the GHG Protocol suggests that there may be value in such spatial granularity even for such leased offices.)

We enjoy working with different organizations to find the right level of granularity for each organization for each metric. Natural electricity examples We find that as organizations move more toward continuous improvement , they also move toward finer grain tracking.

Yoram Bernet is the CEO of Scope 5. Electricity lesson plans 4th grade Scope 5 helps organizations collect, track, analyze and communicate sustainability data, ranging from greenhouse gas emissions reporting to identifying opportunities to reduce waste, water and other resources.