How green is your grid – petrode electricity physics problems


Ever wonder what energy source is powering your everyday life? Does that plug-in electric vehicle you are considering emit less carbon over its lifetime than a gasoline powered one? Here at PetroDE, we love answering these types of questions by visualizing and analyzing the data on a map. gas to liquid Power Plant Capacity and Primary Energy Source, August 2017 – July 2018

The electric grid in the United States is a complex network of interconnected power plants. It simplifies our everyday tasks, yet we don’t usually give it much thought (that is, until it goes down). Power sources for this electricity vary by region, yet all feed into a vast interconnected grid. In the map above, PetroDE analyzed data from the Energy Information Administration ( EIA) for the period between August 2017 and July 2018.

As the cost of renewable energy sources continues to decline, more and more utility companies are phasing out high carbon energy sources like coal for green energy like wind and solar. For example, in the state of Colorado, Xcel Energy plans to significantly boost the share of power it gets from wind and solar, while retiring a third of its coal generation. gas upper back pain The Colorado Energy Plan, recently given the green light by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, is projected to decrease the share of power from coal from 44 percent in 2017, down to 24 percent by 2026. chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet Natural gas is projected to drop from 28 percent to 23 percent, while wind is estimated to rise from 23 percent to 39 percent, and solar is estimated to rise from 3 percent to 13 percent. The plan estimates that carbon emissions will drop by half and renewable sources will account for a total of 55% of its electricity production by 2026. Many other states are taking similar steps.

Increases in renewalbe energy for power generation on the grid will require large-scale power storage solutions, such as batteries, to overcome the high fluctuation in output from wind and solar. gas monkey cast California could be the home of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery project by late 2020, but it has a steep price tag. In California, wind and solar both fall off drastically during the fall and winter months, thus lots and lots of storage is needed for those cloudy, windless days to avoid power outages. Costly lithium-ion batteries may not be the best choice.

A 2016 study by MIT found that substantial cost reductions in battery storage are needed to justify large-scale deployment. gas 85 vs 87 Smaller scale resources with a 10-hour storage capacity deliver value consistent with the current cost of pumped hydroelectric storage. Next generation battery storage will need to be cheap, plentiful, and clean to manufacture. We are encouraged by the progress being made with other options such as magnesium-based batteries.

Another technology that is worth mentioning is the progress being made for zero carbon natural gas. electricity worksheets grade 6 NET Power, a US energy startup, is testing the technology at a pilot plant in La Porte, Texas. The plant burns natural gas but repurposes the carbon dioxide released into supercritical carbon dioxide that’s then used to drive a specially built turbine in a continuous and self-sustaining cycle. Around 32 percent of US electricity is produced with natural gas, accounting for around 30 percent of the power sector’s carbon emissions. And this technology is estimated to be available in just three to five years, at a cost much lower than lithion-ion battery storage. With the availability of shale gas and the rising supplies of liquefied natural gas around the globe, this is a very welcome technology that can make an impact on carbon emissions in the near future.

As we have seen from the available data, carbon emissions are dropping and renewable energy sources are advancing. As the grid gets cleaner, so do Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs). An analysis in this Bloomberg article found that driving a PEV generates less carbon than driving a gasoline powered car, even when powered by electricity generated by fossil fuels. gas prices in texas But that is just DRIVING the car.