How is saffron terrorism destroying india – quora gas prices going up in nj


(Now here comes another controversy that’s going on now a days that its Against Islam to sing Vande Matram. For those Muslim Brothers who think so,please google the English meaning of Vande Matram you yourself will understand. Vande Matram literally means I Bow down to Mother Earth. Now please think can it be against any religion to bow to the place where we live…? Please understand that such things as used to spread hatred just for Political Benefit )

In fact RSS has an Muslim wing Named The Muslim Rashtriya Manch. If you are a Muslim the i would suggest you to Please attend this Muslim Manch for at least a month where you’ll find other Members of your own religion. That way you can yourself judge the RSS if its spreading any Saffron Terrorism.

Also I know there have been cases of Hindu-Muslim conflicts but these cases are very low considering the vast Population of our Country. And also no one is Perfect,there are all types of people in every Religion some are Nationalist,Some are Violent but that doesn’t mean we should link that same image to a particular Religion.

This word has come to be associated more and more with Hindutva and the RSS over the last few years and today by some mistake – the yellow journalists are referring to the color saffron as Terrorists and by some greater mistake nobody seems to shut them up.

Is there anything wrong in bring a proud Hindu ? Is there something fundamentally wrong about expressing your sentiments as a Proud Hindu? Is there something fundamentally wrong about walking on the road, head held high as a proud hindu? If there is then…by god i am guilty of all of these.

India is Hindu. Mr. Aamir Khan and his crew can whine about intolerance and our leftist friends in Bollywood can make a hue and cry about how the minorities are being trampled but the bottom line is evident for all to see. India is Hindu. India was created Hindu. Yes Hinduism had its flaws – Sati, Human and Animal Sacrifices, Widow issues but these flaws were ironed out by legendary hindus themselves. Today Hinduism is among the very few religions today which gives zero obligations on its followers.

I saw a movie PK recently with the great secular hero Mr. Aamir Khan. I saw our religious beliefs being derided time and again. Other religions have religious leaders – leaders who openly advocate mass murder, who openly call unbelievers as dogs and who literally call down the power of their gods to exterminate (yes thats the word) anyone who does not believe their way. And yet – Mr. Khan coolly depicts his opinions of the one single god while deriding our Babas who may be or may not be genuine but certainly do not deserve to be singled out.

It is the sworn duty of Hindus to preserve Hindutva and Hinduism. The Malaysians, Indonesians, lost their Hinduism, The Sri Lankans lost theirs to Buddhism, The Thais and Cambodians lost their Hinduism to Buddhism as well. All of them lost their religion until today it remains nothing more than a mere figment of history taught in schools. It shall not happen in India. We shall not trample other religions but it is writing on the wall that despite secularism that is preached – the minorities get the greatest attention.

I remember Godhra. I remember hating the Hindus for killing so many muslims but i also remember two things that happened at Godhra. First was the when the Hindus were burnt, our Media and our secular media barely gave the story the time of their day but when the reverse happened – by god the entire media began to portray our now prime minister and then Chief Minister as Raavan. I also remember that when the cowardly cops sat shivering their boots, Hindus – normal middle class hindus – average joes who would shudder at mention of violence – arm themselves and take to the streets and thus normalcy was restored . Yet when a foreigner sees the movie Kai Po Che and reads the book 3 mistakes of our lives by the Yellow Leftist Chetan Bhagat – they keep referring to the horrible murder committed by the Hindus without even considering that THEY WERE PROVOKED!!!!!

There is no Saffron Terror neither was there ever any. None of our Saffron Terrorists preach murder, none of them preach out to masses to destroy other religions, none of them threaten to outcast a hindu for darin g to question hindu beliefs. However if defending Hindutva is saffron terrorism, if retaliating against those who deride our millenia old religion is saffron terrorism – then so be it. I am proud of the Saffron Terrorism and believe it would eventually make India as great as India should be.