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I have only got one year of aeration experience under my belt, but my deciding factors on the hours that I run the systems is based on outdoor air temps and water temps. Being in Missouri and only having a 1/4 acre pond, I worry about over heating the pond a level physics electricity questions and answers water in the heat of the summer. So, I take temperature reading at 18 down and at 7 foot down and compare to the outside air temps. It’s a bit tricky when the air and water temps are in the 80’s, meaning that about 85 water temp is what I consider borderline too hot. I will gradually start the air up in the spring to 24 hours a day until the water temps get to the mid to upper 80’s then start cutting it back to only run at night so that electricity usage in the us it reduces the amount of heat transfer during the day. Once fall hits, I start adding aeration back to the day time hours when the outside temps drop below 85. This period is a very short, it seems like fall comes in pretty fast and may not be yielding much benefit. Then as mid fall comes in, I reverse the thought pattern and try to maintain warmer water by reducing nighttime aeration. This can happen electricity physics test pretty fast too and benefits are questionable as well.

The reason I really question the benefits with the above concept during season transitions is because changing the aeration time v gas station schedules certainly affects the fish’s feeding habits and their willingness to be caught on rod and reel. I ask myself if the fish would be better off with one fall time aeration change (like band-aid removal) compared to 2 or 3 gradual adjustments over the the coarse of the month?

Unless the aerator is too much or way over-sized you generally cannot over aerate a pond unless the air temps are in the high 90-100F. Then this makes the pond too warm and can harm numerous fish species including bass and BG. Amount of harm from excess water temps depends of several factors. Exceptionally strong circulation currents gas unlimited houston can re-suspend micro-clay sediments and keep the pond turbid to varying degrees. I have seen neutrally buoyant leaves moving in current from strong bottom aeration.

The general rule is to turn over the pond’s entire water body gas x reviews ratings a minimum of once a day. Many aerator companies will size the aerator to do that guideline. If you slightly or moderately over-size the aeration system then when you think, calculate, or measure the pond has been turned over at least once or twice in that day, then the aerator can be stopped until the next day. Generally for smaller ponds I try to over size the aerator so daily aeration is generally 2-8hrs.

I will look for a recent thread discussion in Aeration System g gas lol questions where this topic was discussed at length. I found this one of several past threads that discuss aeration run times. NOTE – This thread does not discus and go into detail about water lifting volumes of diffusers. There is a past thread where that was discussed. Water lift rates of diffusers and the amount of air volume they receive determines gas efficient cars under 15000 how fast a pond will be turned over. There is about only one aeration company (Vertex) that has measured water lifting rates of their diffusers. All other companies with aeration diffusers are guessing or do not know lifting volumes.