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My fishin’ Buddy, fishandkamp, and I were talking today about what I have in my latest reservoir boat. Before we get there let’s talk about the one I just sold. Nice little puddle jumper that I have truly liked owning. 1981 Grumman V-Jon, 14′ 3, 52 inches wide at the gas bubble stern. After going through the whole boat I had a 55 lb MK Endura on the stern, Motorguide 43 on the bow, Garmin Echo 150 on the bow, Echo gas meter car 200 on the operating area, 4 – Group 31 batteries new in 3/2016, good bilge pump, bow and stern lights, 6 switch control panel one seat with removable mount. I originally had asked $2650 on Craigslist because of the new batteries, I had just over $2000.00 in the Puddle Jumper. It did sell for $1750.00 to a nice fella up near Prettyboy Reservoir.

I have started work on my next reservoir rig which is a 1971 Ouachita, 16 footer that has been abused in its lifetime. This originally had a 36V golf cart motor which is popular here in Maryland for the reservoirs I have rehabbed the trailer into a very nice trailer for this boat. It has horizontal bunks instead of the vertical ones. All new mounts gas in chest, new tires and wheels including spare. I redid the winch stand and just need a winch now. Starting work on the boat I have an MK Edge 55 bow mount,12V, a harness gas utility cost for that, an MK Traxxis 70, 24V, for the stern, a small livewell, four used Group 31 batteries, all kinds of primer, paint, sealers to make this waterworthy again. I am just about ready to drop it in the water to see where it leaks, if it leaks. Remember this boat had pressure treated plywood in it which is a BIG NONO in an aluminum boat. It may never be as dry as the Grumman but It will be drier than it is now. I have had the stern replaced and the front deck because of this and other problems.

Realize I do not have electronics on this yet and electricity grid uk still need a list of other things to finish. Presently in the boat and trailer I have roughly $2250.00 in a 16 foot boat, I also have a Johnson 6 HP that I can put on the back to fish Lake Marburg in PA. Once this boat is totally completed I will probably have gas what i smoke $3000.00 to $3500.00 in it DONE. Lots of other boats out there for a lot more than that.

Lets see…I have a 13ft V hull Jon from SeaNymph. I would assume its from the 80s. Its about 48 inches in the back, and very stable. I found it on craigslist on the way up to Orlando just gas gas after my wedding, and picked it up on the way home. Boat and trailer for $500.00, couldnt pass it up. Shortly after I put a 30lb Minn Kota on the front and a 55lb in the back, with a 24 series up front and 27 series in the back, and used it for the local canals. I think the 2 of the motors ran me about $350 new. Added a bilge pump and pipe through the side in the back to expel the gas prices in texas 2015 water, maybe $50. After a while I decided it was due for bigger things, and I wanted to add a gas motor. I found a brand new 5hp Mercury 4 stroke for $1200 that the store had a sale going on. So I took the 55lb troller off the back and mounted it to the front, and rebuilt the transom in the back for the Merc. I think materials for the transom came to about $100 with wood, marine adhesive, bolts, and resin to seal everything. Also, decided to get the front deck done for it, so some marine grade wood, some measuring and cutting no electricity jokes, and carpet, the front was decked. I think materials for that with wood, screws, adhesive, carpet, and resin was close to $100, but the wood and carpet was given to me by a friend. I sealed all the seams of the boat with 5200, and painted it. That may have been close to $100 in materials. Sold the 27 series battery, and got a small mower style battery for the bilge pump to save weight. 3 1/2 gallon tank for gas constant in atm gas and fuel line came to about $80. I just put new tail lights on the trailer, that was about $35 for the LED’s. Really haven had to do much of anything to it, but there really isnt much to the arkla gas pay bill boat since its pretty simple. I have been pretty happy with it since Ive had it. Even gets me out on Lake Okeechobee with no worries. With just me in it and all my gear, the boat will top out at 15mph. Cant complain that it only burns 1/2 gallon of gas every hour at WOT.

Yea Mike we do put more in them than some other places. My biggest thing has always been two Group 29/31 batteries in parallel for the 12v motors. This one gas natural fenosa will still be for the bow mount. I wanted to go with a 24v for the stern so those two will be in series to accomplish that. I may add a four bank charger later after I save up the money. A flat floor with a slightly raised front deck and storage for lots of things in the back. A six gallon gas tank should fit, all four gas stoichiometry calculator batteries, livewell and two storage compartments. Also a four rod rack on each side to keep it neat. I am going to put a padded floor in it to help my backache problems. Yea, I guess we do put a lot in them up here.

LMG, nice functional boat that works for what you need. The Grumman that I just sold had the aluminum seats in it and truthfully, my balance gas works park events is not all that it used to be. I wanted this boat because it was wide open. I picked the Grumman up for $500.00 boat and trailer. Turned out the trailer, a painted one, was in worse shape than I thought. Friend gave me a galvanized one that fit just perfectly. That now belongs to another angler and I am sure he will have fun in it, I did.