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Several years ago before we sold the farm I watched a program on how German farmers were moving away from traditional farming towards solar farming. What a great idea I told the wife… let’s do it! So we hopped on a plane and went to China where we negotiated a 120 kVA solar power plant for $250K delivered in Australia. v gas llc With a strong business case, the local council warmly embrace the idea; but the state & federal government did not. To begin with the federal government have created authorised solar installers and only these installers can install solar equipment. You could install the power plant yourself using an electrician, but then it would be totally illegal to connect this or to on sell any power from it. At the time I could not find one single government certified installer who would install a solar plant without me buying all the equipment through them. The cheapest quote I had for the same size plant supplied locally was $1.5 million. gas smoker recipes Becoming a registered power generator and connecting to the grid was just another nightmare that soon spiralled beyond my comprehension, understanding or depth.

When you belong to a club…….OZ is a club…… have to go through the motions of supporting those that are club members….importers, wholesalers and retailers…….you are not an importer or installer or electrician so those that are feel miffed when you tread on their toes……you are taking the bread out of their commercial mouths etc.

If you purely bought the solar installation into OZ for your own use and paid the import duty, port fees etc etc, then set it up with a local lecky to connect to your own equipment…….nobody can stop you as you aren’t interfering with the status quo that exists with the manufacturing and service industry forum……but don’t even think about Grid connecting unless you have the full authority of the Gov beforehand.

I could have paid $20K for a milling machine already in the country and in a showroom near me, but I chose to go the self import path from a supplier in China and paid the import duties, port fees and brokerage that added $2k to the total bill and topped out at $10k in the end……but I did not intend to import the machine in order to set up a backyard sell on enterprise.

There is a control factor here, and it means you should support the system or pay the price by attempting to become a Jack of all trades to save a few bob……your local council is not responsible for the National grid so cannot give you support on that matter……they "could" have been better informed and advised you as to what was the procedure for your advanced aspirations.

No I was not thinking primarily of a solar power plant for a farming use at all. I was thinking a "solar farm" just like many have now done in Germany and didn’t sidestep anything. They have sold all the cows, tractors, and sheep and replaces fields with solar panels. I never had any business plan or had any desire to power the farm or be an importer. I had land to put panels, a major power line not far away and the sun shining. electricity usage in the us This was a commercial based enterprise to be a power generator providing clean and renewable energy to Australian people.

More than happy to comply with whatever was needed, but yes I got hit in the face by regulations, rules, process, and the "oz club" who already have a captive market. All these things plus lawyers make any new business case impossible in this country. Why do you think it will be a long time before Australia sees the back of coal? Well maybe its because several people of power are already making unbelievably large amounts of money from it, and will continue to do so. If this is the sort of richy rich club you are proud of and you want here, then you are doing the people of this country a disservice. electricity wiki How did this place come to a state were the public owned resource is dug up and burnt, and then the public are double fingered by being charge for the electricity that is produced from that resource? Meanwhile several people involved in doing this have accumulated wealth beyond comprehension…

But anyway, back to the point I was trying to make. It’s not about sidestepping anything, it’s about creating an environment where the common person wants to invest in enterprises that create wealth, security, and employment. This is why no one in there right mind will invest in machining in Australia. When a company sets up in China (as opposed to Australia) they are not just buying cheap labor, they are investing in an environment that is not guarded by the few, not over regulated to the hilt, not dictated to by the workers, and not locked out by the establishment. Which btw are all the same challenges that face Trump.

I’ll tell you a few things about solar power you aren’t going to like mate. q gas station cleveland ohio Dust is the death of output. Unless you are prepared to grow grass or the like everywhere within a 2 Klm radius, every time you drive a tractor or 4×4 and the wind direction settles the dust you create in the solar panels, your output drops off. Even just one panel of an array dropping out and it drags down your expected output.

The $4000 ‘systems’ being sold for domestic use (panels on the roof) will barely run a refrigerator. Even if you do manage to get enough panels hooked up to actually power a normal house, enough batteries to store power for nighttime and overcast days will set you back close to $12k. 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh I’d suggest you ditch solar panels and use wind mills. You’ll still need batteries for when there’s no wind. I friend of mine outside Kalgoorlie (West Australia) has generators driven by home made wind mills. gas variables pogil worksheet answers He doesn’t use batteries after damaging a few. Instead he has a diesel generator that auto starts (if its having a reliable day) when power drops below his set limit.

The guy is a retired electrical engineer and born fiddler. He gets by fixing things for local mines. His solar panels are stacked in his shed. Ask him about them and he has one word for them JUNK! He still needs to use his diesel generator whenever he wants to machine anything. All those you beaut deals advertised to sell you Solar panels are never going to get you off the grid. gas pump icon Spend $15,000 and you might halve your power bill … The first month! Then you discover the cost of keeping the panels clean. Solar for the individual is 99% dreams mate!