How much does infinity pool cost static electricity review worksheet


In today’s pool industry, one of the latest emerging luxurious trends of swimming pools is an infinity pool. As the name suggests, the construction is designed in such a way that it appears as if the pool has no boundaries. These pools are also referred as ‘Vanishing Edge Pools’ or ‘ Negative edge pools’.

Usually, these types of pools give you a breath-taking experience if they are installed in areas where natural water bodies are very nearby. So, when you get into such pools, you will feel as if the waters of your pool are merging with the other water body. It gives an optical illusion to the swimmers, as if the water blends into the horizon, taking them to the next level of experience. Is it beneficial?

Personally, it is all about individual choice. If you are particular about installing an infinity pool, you can go for it. Except that it gives you a different experience because of the optical illusion and makes you feel that your pool has no boundaries, the rest of the swimming experience is always the same. Infinity pool is just a luxurious choice.

If you have installed it near a water body like a river or sea, it gives you breath-taking scenery as if your pool water is merging with the bigger water body. If you love being adventurous, or like to experience things in a different way, then you would love spending time in these pools. What makes it so expensive?

• The idea seems to be absolutely exciting but, the cost to install an infinity pool is not the same as that of the regular one. One of the main reasons that contribute to the cost is the power that is needed to run the pool. It consumes heavy power in order to operate the pool successfully.

• Another factor that contributes to the price is maintaining and continuously treating the short dam wall that separates the pool from the spill basin. You should ensure that the dam wall is waterproof as it needs to bear the continuous flow of pool water.

Swimming pools have been into existence since the ancient times. Infinity model pools have been the latest trend and hence, you need to search for an expert who has experience with similar projects in his past career. Though pool industry easily offers you many professionals to build a regular pool, it is not so easy to find one for an infinity pool.

Since it is a risky project, all pool companies will not come forward to offer installation services. For these kinds of projects, you cannot take the risk of hiring a less expensive pool company as their work might not catch up your expectations. How about maintenance charges?

Apart from regular maintenance that you do for regular pools like running filters regularly, chlorination, pH level balancing, removing metals, debris, taking measures to keep mosquitoes away etc., you will have extra maintenance to do for infinity pools. These include you to run an extra pumping system that pumps the water that spilled into the catch basin, back to the pool. Maintaining this system is very expensive and it requires a lot of power to run.

All these effectively impact the maintenance bill. Also, these pools are not compatible to using pool covers. Hence, you need to regularly work to remove the dirt and debris. Also, because of the absence of pool cover, the water tends to evaporate faster and this again contributes to adding extra maintenance charges because of power bill. What are the cons?