How much money can you make driving with uber in houston – quora grade 6 electricity project ideas

I have driven for Uber part-time in Houston, TX and Galveston, TX – perfect for me because tourist/cruise terminal transportation between the two cities are in high demand at certain times – only when the ride is on the way to my destination. The constant Rockets and Astro games etc are excellent as well. You can set your destination on the app to where you want to go. Clearly, my expenses are essentially zero on top of the nice $0.54/mi business mileage tax deduction and toll road bill savings, because I’m mixing in business for personal trips – something I would have spent anyways. I also tend to go when the Surge (multiplier) is on and I take toll roads to avoid traffic (Uber charges the rider to reimburse me for tolls), which is about 75%-85% of the time.

Most drivers are recommended to use older, used cars. I currently drive a 2009 Honda Fit Sport that I bought from a liquidation auction for way below the fair market value, which averages around 40.3 mpg, give or take. If you drive a new car, you won’t likely make as much due to depreciation loss. Although my Fit has not needed any repairs, I buy used car parts on eBay when I fix my rental cars with an in-house mechanic at low rates. Costs to operate have also been very low for me without the car dealership crazy markups on parts and labor.

Personally for the record, I’ve made about an average of $61/hr in Houston when including referrals, tips etc but I only work very limited hours. I’ve even made $137 on one trip in less than an hour, and managed to get a customer to buy one of my used cars, using a rent-to-own option with 18% interest, which made me $5,780 in the ~10 min ride from just one deal over the period of the sale. There are some Uber drivers that sell other products while they give a ride – from dancing classes to music CDs, anything really. However, you must exercise discretion when selling anything to anyone, and that particular rider was clearly really looking to get a car, had the means to pay back and lacked access to credit. High-pressure sales tactics is the worst thing you can do. Don’t do it!

Again, keep in mind this is not indicative of the “average” Uber driver in Houston. It simply shows it is possible and accessible for pretty much anyone to make a lot more than most jobs on a per hour basis – if you are willing to master the timing, expenses and strategy. Even if you don’t have the cash, you can borrow from a credit union at less than 2% interest p.a. for a used car (last time I checked my approved rate was 1.6% at Austin Telco) for under $4000 which would operate well under a ridesharing business. If you don’t have that kind of money or access to credit and no cosigner to vouch for you, you might have to save up for it and build credit first.

As I mentioned, it really depends on the contractor. My guess is I’m in the top 5% of drivers if we are talking about per hour basis, and Uber showed me drivers in my area make about $25 per hour on average a while back. Uber also has exclusive discounts to Autozone, Firestone, insurance, health, phone etc (in lieu of employee benefits), many of which are quite worth signing up for just to get the exclusive discount.