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Most people believe deeper love, more sex. however, after a long, stable relationship for many years, you just find the frequency of your sex life declines, wondering if there is something wrong with you two and want to know it is normal or not. Actually, it is pretty normal and one new study even found that there is a magic number of sex for committed couple. Want to know it? How Often Should You Have Sex?

Everyone experiences relationships and sex differently. There isn’t a right amount of sex a couple should have. However, some researchers at University of Toronto Mississauga indicated that sex about once per week is ideal and makes people comfortable and satisfied.

It turns out that, if you have sex more often than once a week, you aren’t necessarily any happier than if you have sex just once weekly. This study was performed on 30,000 people, and the results were identical for people who were older or younger, for women and for men, and for people in short or long term relationships. The average spacing of sexual encounters, however, are different depending on the couple.

So, one sex in one week is totally fine. However, people may have different experiences about it, which will be shared below. The bottom line is both you two feel happy about it. Sex Frequency In Relationships Between 0 to 7 Years (Not Married Yet)

I am in a relationship with a much older man. We have sex about three to five times a week. I am younger, so my sex drive is a lot higher than his and this has been a topic of discussion with the two of us. Things are great now but I wonder what the long term outcome will be when we are together longer.

I have been with my boyfriend for about 5 years total. You ask "How often should you have sex" I’m not sure about that. I usually want to have sex more than he does. He is usually tired because of his job and so he doesn’t want to have sex more than once every two weeks. I want to have sex a few times per week. We’ve talked about it but we haven’t found a resolution. Married 0-7 Years

My husband and I have been together as a married couple nearly 3 years now and we already have a baby. We engage in sex about twice weekly and sometimes we have sex more than that. The sex we have together is really amazing and it is getting better all the time. It’s not a really big part of our relationship, but it is still important and we are happy.

We have been together for five years and have been married for a year and a half. For us, we usually have sex about three times weekly but sometimes have it every day. One would think that sex would be boring after so long, but we are great communicators and this leads to great sex and a strong marriage.

He is 26 years old and I am 29 years of age. We have been marred for slightly over one year and have a child who is two years old. We have sex about 2-3 times per week. I think he would rather have sex more than that (5-6 times weakly) while I would be fine if we had sex only once or twice a week. Married 7-15 Years

We have been together as a married couple for seven years and have a child. For how often should you have sex, I think it depends. We once had sex every day and sometimes three times per day. Now we have sex one to three times weekly. This is fine for both of us because, if you save it for when you are ready, the sex is really amazing.

We are both getting older and have been married for about fifteen years. We have sex about 3 times per week on average but sometimes we have it every other day. We find that it is more important to talk with one another and to cuddle with each other every single day. Married More Than 15 Years

We have been married for 20 years and have been a couple for 22 years. Our sex varies. Sometimes we have sex three times per day; sometimes, it’s once in a two-week period of time. It all depends on what is going on in our lives. Sometimes it is intense, while sometimes, it’s easy and slow-going. However, Quality Is Always Important Than Quantity!

If you really want to make your partner satisfied, it is the quality of sex that is important rather than the quantity. How often should you have sex should be replaced with the question "How to improve sex life" Good sex fewer is much better than having bad sex more frequently. Here are some tips to make sex better: