How should your belly feel if you are 13 weeks pregnant electricity grounding works

I’m 23 weeks right now and haven’t felt the baby kick yet. My mid-wife assured me that everything was ok, just some women feel it before, or more often than others. Then I listened to the heart beat and that made me feel better that everything was ok. Answer I think maybe the reason you haven’t felt a kick yet is because your expecting to feel an actual "kick"…I’m 24 weeks along and feel the baby moving quite often but this being my first pregnancy, it wasn’t at all what I had expected to feel…The movements most remind me of being in an elevator when your stomach sort of "drops" or when your driving in your car and you go over a bump in the road a certain way–it kind of tickles the pit of your tummy? That’s how my movements feel. Hope that helps and don’t worry–your little one is just fine I’m sure! Answer I am also 23 weeks pregnant. And Baby moves every 3-5 minutes, kick, moves, and turns. This is my second pregnancy, it is normal not to feel movement, my first was a baby girl, and i think baby girls are lazy!!! She barely moved, and hardly kicked till 24 weeks. This baby moves and kicks like its a monkey!!! Movement feels like a plastic bag full of minnows!!! and a kick feels like a thump that echoes, kinda like a night without beano!!! Some kicks are so hard especially if your bladder is full, they feel like a fast little cramp, but some how you can tell baby movements, and you just know. First pregnancies are a path never traveled before, but all the rest are so full of those "Oh that’s what those were, in previous pregnancies," and suddenly you probably didn’t know that was your baby moving! Enjoy every movement, and minute of your pregnancy. I play baby music on my tummy, everyday at the same time, for my baby, and i don’t know if it kicks like crazy of joy, because it likes it, or if he is just trying to tell me he just wants to sleep. I like to think he likes the tunes!!! That helps, and Ice pops, works on days you worry why baby hasn’t moved all day, and showers help too. Good luck! -Jessica I am 22 weeks pregnant.And this is my first pregnancy.My son started moving at about 18 weeks and he moves soo fiance and doctors can feel and see it outside of my stomach.but i also only weigh about 135.i was 106 before i got pregnant.They said that i might of felt him early because i was so small. I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first and im having a Boy:) I can feel him move and kick more often some days than other days like today havent really felt him that much but I like to feel him move at least once a day so i know eveything is okay, But in ultrasounds shows that he is very active I just don’t feel his every movement And i don’t think that it has anything to do with your weight because I was pretty small when i first got pregant and not that much bigger now so every pregnancy is differant, so don’t worry bout it just realxe and don’t forget to breath. If your still worried ablout it call your dr and set up an ultrasound< And good luck to all you pregos.. Jennifer:)

Some women may feel the baby kick frequently, and other women may not feel the baby kick at all at 20 weeks pregnant. Either is completely within the bounds of a normal pregnancy and nothing to worry about. Most practitioners (OBs, midwives) consider 24 weeks the standard deadline for when a woman should first feel fetal movement. So, while some women may feel movement far earlier (some report as early as 8 weeks), it isn’t cause for concern if you haven’t felt anything in week 20. Fetal kick counts – counting the number of times the baby moves within a set period of time – generally aren’t recommended/requested earlier than 24-26 weeks, since the baby is still small enough that you won’t necessarily feel the majority of the baby’s movements. Different practitioners have different guidelines for doing the kick counts. Some ask that you do them on a regular (often daily) basis, while others may say you only need to do them if you notice a decrease in fetal movement. Anywhere between 6 movements an hour to 10 movements in 2 hours is considered sufficient, normal movement. Keep in mind that all babies are unique – some may do 10 distinct movements in 2 minutes, while others may be less active and take the full 2 hours. You will get to know your baby’s movement pattern and activity level over time. As a note, despite the fact that they are called "kick counts", any movement the baby makes should be included. So, whether he or she kicks, punches, rolls over, or hiccoughs, it counts as a movement in the fetal kick count. Often it will be difficult or impossible to tell what type of movement the baby has just made, particularly earlier on in the pregnancy.