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At a recently constructed army base 100 miles north of the Russo/Japanese border a meeting was coming to an end. Eight officers, only two of them Russian, were looking at a mockup of a large building complex spread on a table in front of them.

“So, what is the timetable,” one of the Russian officers asked in English? It had been agreed that since over half of the soldiers taking part in this operation would be English or Americans that English would be the language spoken among them. “The plan is for us to go one week after your government starts the ball rolling come the 1st of February,” replied one of the other officers who was American. “If all goes well we go on February 8th, weather permitting.” “How soon before we get the gliders and air transports here,” continued the Russian? This time another officer with a British accent answered, “Again assuming no bad weather our gliders should be delivered here no later then the end of January, and the air transports should arrive at the same time, which will give us some time to do some actual jump practice for the paratroops.” “And how soon can we expect further intelligence on troop dispositions,” the Russian officer asked a man dressed in the uniform of the Nationalist Chinese Army? “We are now getting regular updated intelligence reports from our people near the facility once a week,” the Chinese officer responded. “What about our data gathering team,” the Russian enquired looking at the other American officer? “It’s already assembled, as we agreed it will have 2 Russians, 2 Americans, and 2 Chinese all versed in the Japanese language on it. They understand they will only have a brief time to collect any useful data before we have to leave. They will be here by tomorrow at the very latest assuming the weather lifts.” “No promises when these Siberian storms roll in,” the Russian officer declared smiling.

The others smiled and one of the Russian officers allowed himself the luxury of a long stretch. They had been hunkered over the map and mock up of their target for the better part of the past day. “Gentlemen, it is very late. I suggest we all get some rest. The next month promises to be extremely busy for all of us.” “One final thing, what about the English classes,” asked one of the American officers. “We’ve already started them,” said the second Russian officer. “Our men won’t be fluent by the time we start but they will know enough to give and obey commands when they are given.” “My people already know a good deal of English, but a little more couldn’t hurt especially in this operation,” replied one of the Chinese officers.

“One month to prepare a complex attack behind Japanese lines against one of their secret laboratories,” mused one of the British officers. “I hope we’re not looking at another Market Garden here.” “I think that speaks for all of us,” said the second American officer.

The door opened and an aide brought in a bucket with ice and in that bucket two bottles of fine vodka. Beside the bucket which was set on a table in the barracks was a covered platter which when uncovered revealed a large heaping bowl of caviar with toasted bread rounds surrounding it. “Here is a little surprise my friends from the Russian people for our day before New Year’s Eve. We will probably be too busy to properly celebrate the coming of a New Year so let us enjoy these tidbits and this fine vodka together as we toast the start of our preparations for this ambitious operation” declared the first Russian officer jovially!

As the eight officers gathered around the platter and accepted chilled glasses of the vodka and plates of the caviar spread on toast one of the British remarked, “If this operation succeeds it will probably make one hell of a film,” he declared. “Then gentlemen,” declared the Russian officer as he lifted his chilled vodka glass, “Let us make certain it does succeed and becomes a…a hit…I believe that is what the Americans say! To Operation Frankenstein!” “To Frankenstein,” all of the officers responded raising and then draining their glasses.