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"Overall less and less Americans own guns as time goes on" Some people believe that to be true, but no one has any evidence that it is. Fewer people are reporting that they have guns. I personally know someone who was called on a survey to ask if there were any guns in the home. He lied and said no. I was called by a contractor in Chicago (I am immediately suspicious of any caller ID of 312) supposedly hired by the CDC asking how many children were in my house. I replied, "I decline to state." They called back a week later, "I decline to state. If you want to know, you will have to wait until I fill out the 2020 census form."

The reason why crime has dropped so much since the early 80s is because of tough sentencing laws for drugs, broken windows policing (Rudy Giuliani is personally responsible for much of the drop), and California’s 3 strikes law, because it is just a big state. You failed to mention that the number of people who have concealed permits has skyrocketed over the past few decades, from hardly anywhere in the country, to over 15% in some counties, even in late bloomer Illinois.

What we do know is that there are far more guns owned today than ever. They also have a very long life. I have my grandfather’s Colt he bought new in 1926 and if I pull the trigger with a bullet in it, I guarantee it will go bang just as it was designed to do. He carried it in ESL in the 1920s and 30s.

"statically you are more likely to accidentally shoot someone else or yourself than to actually use it to protect yourself." That is an outright lie. One way that lie was promoted was by comparing the number of legal intervention deaths with suicides and accidents. That is a false comparison. Suicide is a choice, not a risk. And to be successful at protecting oneself does not mean you have to kill the criminal. The purpose of using a gun in self defense is to stop the attack. I personally know a fellow who successfully used his gun in self defense without even removing it from the holster. One late night, he stopped for gas in West Memphis, when two thugs drove in and started to approach him tactically. He pulled back his jacket to reveal his legally carried (and very pretty gold plated) firearm and told them they might want to rethink their plans. They took off. The gun was used successfully, but you won’t see that in your statistics because no one was hurt.

"The gun culture" You have another false idea. The "gun culture" isn’t the problem. We grew up shooting since we were 6, some of us are so considerate of what we shoot that we won’t shoot at anything that isn’t a threat or that we don’t intend to eat. The problem is the ghetto culture that those people’s lives are worthless, so they don’t care about anyone else. They have no sense of right and wrong. It isn’t guns, it is the ghetto.

"And they you have wildly low information crowd" The low information crowd voted for Obama for the main reason that, "he is black". The low information voter also continues to vote for Democrats overwhelmingly in cities where decades of their policies have utterly failed the people voting for them.

"…Pope County Sheriff Jerry Suits said, “We haven’t had any troubles down here at all with it (the concealed carry law)…" I’m sure the Pope County Sheriff and every other cop in Illinois just love the concealed carry law. The police unions basically wrote the entire bill just the way they wanted it, and Brandon Phelps gave them everything they wanted.

One of the dirty little secrets of the licensing process is that any cop from any jurisdiction can object to an applicant just because they feel like it, or if you are not one of the local good old boys. Your app. then gets kicked up to the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board, consisting of a retired federal judge, two federal agents, a few lawyers and a shrink. Phelps went along with this because he is in the pocket of the police unions that opposed concealed carry (except for cops that is) for forty years. Phelps has been joined at the hip lately with NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde, but you haven’t seen either one of them make a peep about the licensing board. It won’t affect you if you’re "one of the good guys." That’s how Klan law works in 2016. Phelps and Vandermyde sell out to the police against the Constitutional rights of the citizens and taxpayers.

"in the city of Chicago this year" Cook County and Chicago have stricter laws than the state in general, one cannot legally have an AR-15 for example (whereas, I’ve seen people in Jackson County walking around with them on their property). So, if Chicago is so much worse with crime, how do those strict laws help? I wonder if 85 years of Democratic control and failed Democratic policies has anything to do with the high crime there, do you think?

"We’ve seen an increase in crime. And that’s not just in Illinois, that’s across our country right now" Which therefore means the CC law has nothing to do with it, since other states did not pass the same law at the same time. I will point out that increases in crime is not uniform across the country, but is isolated to cities or portions of cities that have high black populations and where BLM has had an effect.

"which is not true, that they’re trying to take your guns away" LIE! They took people’s guns away in New Orleans, they took people’s guns away in NYC, they took people’s guns away in Maryland, they took people’s guns away in Connecticut, they took people‘s gun parts away in Colorado and California, and they are trying to take people’s guns away in California. They are also some Congressmen who are trying to take people’s guns away across the country.

“Although it’s often mislabeled as an anti-gun group, ICHV calls itself a gun violence prevention organization that does not oppose the Second Amendment…‘we spent a year traveling around the state, doing concealed carry education forums so that people understood what was happening —businesses, individuals, because no one knew…’”

No mislabeling about it, ICHV is as anti-gun as a group can get. They did spend time traveling the state as they claimed but they criticized the law, demonized gun owners and tried to convince businesses to make their establishments “gun-free zones” by scaring them with the sky-is-falling stories.

As Pope County Sheriff Jerry Suits said, the concealed carry law is a good thing. I personally believe it can be improved with some tweaking of the law to favor more places to permit carry, a reduction in the cost associated with an address change, and enacting “a duty” to inform law enforcement which currently does not exist. Although Illinois requires more training hours than other states, I like this fact and would not recommend tinkering with that aspect of the law.