How to apply for us visitor visa from canada electricity trading hedge funds


1.) The impact that a previous visa rejection will have in a new application, depends on whether the causes for such rejection exist nowadays or not. gas explosion in texas That’s for you to decide: what do you think it was the cause for your previous rejection? In any case, I believe you have a better chance now, since you have been living in Canada for a longer time.

2.) Not having a job is bad if you are planning to apply for a visitor visa. Not sure how you can convince the officer on this one. electricity in indian states Just be honest and explain your particular situation to the officer. Take a copy of the leasing agreement in Montreal with you, this might proof that you are indeed planning to go back to Canada. If you have some savings, print a bank statement and present it to the officer as well; this might proof that you have a way to support yourself while in the US. It will also proof that you can fulfill your obligations with your new landlord in Montreal. a level physics electricity equations If you have close family in Canada and that family remains in Canada while you’re traveling to the US, then mention this fact to the officer as well. Family bindings in Canada are good for you case.

I am a CDN citizen who after marriage to and lived there contnuosly for that long decided i needed to get out of the marriage it was very painful for me and so instead of sataung in Nebraska I came home to a place that was familaiar to grieve and make decisions.all this time it was never a real isssue to apply for citizenship and my green card expires in 8 yrs 2022. gas x directions Now i have not quite filed any divorce papers as yet, i have been here in canada for 7 months and have not returned there yet. before i left i started the ciitizen ship application sent the money and have had to reshedule my biometrics 3 times. it is such a hassel and i am just wondering if you have any tips, i rerouted my mail to a friend so i still get my mail. it is a lot and i have spent the money already on the application. electricity calculator I am just wondering if it is worth it? i know you are not a lawyer, but what advice would you give? i have worked etc., in the USA and do have credits etc in the system but i don’t know if any huge benefits of just have a cdn citizenship vs dual or just the fact that i have a green card would entitle me to somethings there still. i was told i could also have a pension from there so i dont know. i just have so much mentally still i am going out of my mind. anything i need to know? that you tell me advice me etc would be of help thank you.bye Reply Delete

HI everyone that wants to apply for American visa. its easy steps to follow as long as your are PR or student or working here in Canada. As a permanent resident its valid for 10 years and 6 months each entry if you wishes to stay in America for 6 months.first they wanna make sure you are working and you have strong ties in Canada.and as a student u get your students transcript. and if you are working here get letter from your employer that’s all.Look sometimes people misinformed people here about getting visa. i went there myself for the interview and it lasted less then 2 minutes.they will only asked you few questions what are you going to do in American ?how long u staying? and if you have ever been to America before ?and lastly like i said above that you are working.nobody gonna asked if have real estate or condo like stated by someone here.remember they have all your info’s when applied online so they will be asking you questions based on what you filled out in the form online. first the reasons for the interview is to get your pictures and make sure your are the real person applying for it and get your finger prints regardless of your nationality. The reasons is to make sure your are not a wanted person or a threat to American home land.i hope this info here will help and if you are not satisfied write me directly to my email for more clues.happy reading. static electricity review worksheet Reply Delete