How to beat a speeding ticket – 3 common sense rules you must follow to beat a speeding ticket – super brain of pakistan gasbuddy


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Whether we like the police or not, we have to acknowledge that police work is dangerous. The officer who dropped you over has no idea what to expect when he approaches you. Will you be timid, polite, belligerent, or downright threatening? Do you have a.357 Magnum in your glovebox or just a bag of potato chips?

It is vitally important to allay the officer’s fears by making no sudden moves. Switch off your car’s engine so he knows you’re not going to try and drive off. If he does not have to ask you to do that, you’ve already shown him respect. Have your window roled down before he reaches you and place both of your hands on the steering wheel where he can see them easily. Do not reach for your license or registration until he requests you, because as he approaches your car he’s going to be wondering what all the movement is about. When you do reach for something, it does not harm at all to tell him exactly where your hands will be going. An officer who recognizes you are trying to be helpful to him will be more inclined to be helpful to you.

One way or another, the officer is going to try to get you to admit that you were speeding. Do not fall for it! Play dumb. If you admit you were speeding, your chances of fighting your ticket in court take a nosedive. So the answer to his questions is going to be that you had no idea how fast you were going. Hem and haw as much as you want; just do not let him nail you down!

If you do not escape with a warning, all is not lost. There are ways to fight traffic tickets in court, even though the vast majority of drivers never pursue that option and just pay up, accepting the points on their license and the higher insurance premiums that follow. If you’re not willing to accept those costs – and you should not be without you really were driving dangerously – then you want to keep that fact to yourself. The way to beat a speeding ticket in court is to give the prosecution no advance warning that you’re going to fight. In the vast majority of cases, the prosecution and police will come to court poorly prepared and vulnerable to all kinds of legal maneuvers. But if they know you plan on fighting your ticket, they’ll be sure to dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s.