How to clean a panini press – village bakery gas prices in michigan


Assuming you just finished using your Panini grill and it got messy during the process. One would think that it can be easily cleaned just like other kitchen utensils such as pots, toaster oven, etc. Unfortunately, it is not as easy and simple as that. This grill can be a bit tricky to clean for two reasons:

• Some Panini grill are made with the plates permanently attached to it, which means cleaning must be done as it is. This can be an annoying and messy task to handle, and can be dangerous if you leave the press plugged to an electric source while cleaning is done. To be on a safe side, check manufacturer’s instruction manual on how to go about the cleaning.

• Most Panini grills usually come with non-stick plates, which enhances your cooking experience. Unfortunately, you need to be extra careful to keep the non-stick properties intact. Just as the previous point, go through the manufacturer’s manual alongside the tips below to find out ways to clean Panini grill plates non-abrasively.

It is quite simple to learn the steps involved in cleaning a Panini grill, and the good part of it is that you don’t require any special cleaning agent or equipment to make it an easy task. These methods are not just for home use sandwich grill, they are also effective ways on how to clean a commercial Panini press. Below are five ways to get rid of melted cheeses, food residues, and oils without stress. Make use of your dishwasher

This is suitable for Panini press that have removable plates. If this is the case, you may still want to check the manufacturer’s manual to see if it’s recommendable to wash the plates in dishwasher. This method is by far the most efficient and easiest way to clean the plates and make them shiny. Just ensure that the plates are cool before cleaning them Soak your plates

If the manufacturer of the sandwich grill recommends that you do hand washing only, not minding if it’s a removable plate or not, all you have to do is to simply fill your sink with hot water and add some dishwashing soap to it. Leave for some time, so that the melted cheese and other food residues get softened, then look for a soft cloth to gently wipe. Try to use dishwashing soap on non-removable Panini press plates

If you are using a non-removable plates, you can also use dishwashing soap to take care of it. Just as in the previous step, get a bowl, fill it with warm water and add dishwashing soap to it. Get a soft cloth, rag or sponge, dip it into the foamy water, and then rub gently on the plates until all residues are removed. Try as much as possible not to use too much water so as to protect the electrical parts of your Panini grill. Don’t ever use rough cloths or abrasive sponge on the plates and make sure the press is switched off and unplugged before carrying out this cleaning process. You may endanger your life if you leave the switch on because water is a good conductor of electricity. Just wipe the plates

If the quantity of food you are cooking with your Panini press is small, you may not need to go through the dishwashing process. Just use a soft cloth to wipe off any particles and soak up any oil deposits. If you are using this method, ensure that you do thorough cleaning always to prevent the build-up of germs and other bacteria. Scrape off with chopsticks

If some stubborn melted cheese got stuck to the plates and you have tried the various methods, but to no avail, you can gently get them off by wrapping a soft cloth at the end of a chopstick and use it to scrape the cheese. Don’t ever use steel wool, knife, or any other objects that could adversely temper with the non-stick plates.