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I’m so excited about today’s post! I have a few small kitchen appliances to share from eBay that are making my life in the kitchen so much easier and I am seriously obsessed. gas density problems They have so many fun things to get your kitchen holiday ready! I’ve been shopping through eBay a lot more lately because most of their items are new (something a lot of people don’t know!) and 69% of their items ship for free. Love that.

First up.. this Copper Chef perfect egg maker. You might remember from last year’s “day in the life” post I mentioned that I boil an egg for breakfast every morning. gas in chest Many of you reached out to me after that post and mentioned using an egg maker so I did a little research and have been using this Electric Egg cooker to boil perfect eggs. It’s SO easy to use, makes up to 6 different types of eggs and they come out perfect every time!

Second favorite from eBay is this beautiful three-tier dessert stand. electricity 1 unit how many watts I’m so excited to have this for the holiday season! I made our favorite pretzel hugs for my pajama party and loved having a fun way to display them. This stand made it so easy for everyone to pick up a few to munch on! Perfect for any holiday entertaining – cookies, cupcakes.. so many cute little treats you can display with this.

Little back story on my next favorite – When I was growing up my mom worked full time. electricity flow direction She taught Elementary school so most days we went home late with her or went home right after school with a sitter (I was the sitter as soon as I was old enough!). But her school was on a track system so she would work a certain amount of weeks and then have three weeks off. electricity generation capacity I LOVED it when she had those three weeks off. I have the best memories of coming home from school to a clean house and cookies baking in the oven. She was always in a good mood (time off will do that to you!) and she would ask me and my brother and sister about our day and we’d hang out in the kitchen chatting and eating cookies. electricity cost nyc Not that things weren’t great when she was teaching (I loved that she taught at our Elementary school), but the cookies didn’t happen. 😉

Ok.. I’m most excited to share this next favorite eBay find with you all. electricity and circuits physics I mentioned a while ago that a friend of mine needed help with paint colors. I introduced her to my favorite grey paint colors and to pay me back.. she taught me how to cook chicken! I have NEVER been able to figure out how to cook chicken. I mean I can cook it, but it doesn’t usually taste that great. I always just want Kenny to make it on the grill because it tastes so much better.

So here’s how to make perfect chicken! Either be an amazing cook (not in the cards for me) OR use the griddle and Santa Maria Style Seasoning. 4 gas planets I’m telling you.. the secret is in the griddle and the seasoning! You can get this seasoning at most health food stores. Look in the meat section! It’s so good. The only other things you need are chicken breast tenders and olive oil.

This picture shows how my burners were on medium heat the whole time. The best part is that the chicken tastes even better than it looks! My family is so impressed and proud. 🙂 The only down side is that you have to clean the griddle, but I’d rather do that than scrub my stove (I make a massive mess cooking chicken in a pan) so I’ll take it!