How to create custom remote controls and use them on your slingbox – jp1 remotes 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh


Slingplayer Compatibility In older versions of Slingplayer it was possible to change the look of the Custom Remote skin‟. Since Slingplayer V1.5 this functionality has been removed and as far as the look of the Remote is concerned you are stuck with the Generic design produced by Sling Media. gas bubble in back All we can do is change the codes that are sent when a specific button is pressed. One drawback of the Generic Remote is that it has only the main buttons, so extra buttons on other remotes (such as Audio/Setup…) can not be mapped directly. What we have to do is put them into a Custom Menu which is accessed by tapping on the Menu button on the Generic Remote or right-clicking on the image. (Note: If a remote image has already been produced by Sling it is possible to use that image instead of the generic image, just contact me at

This Binary Code details the IR codes that are sent when a specific button is pressed on the remote. Unfortunately the native Slingbox software doesn’t use separate binary files that we can edit, their codes are apparently compressed and packaged into special files that we can’t do anything with (that I know of). But what we can do instead of editing the built-in codes is to use a separate external upgrade code file. These files have the format such as "C1234_PL.BIN".

This is followed by a 4-digit code number. For Slingboxes the code numbers can be between 0000-2047 (actually higher in newer Slingboxes but to stay safe we are better staying below 2047). In general, codes below 2000 actually relate to specific boxes, for example V0618 is the code for a TIVO and D0032 is the code for a Pioneer CD Player. But we can feel fairly safe using 2000-2047 for our own codes. electricity cost las vegas The final part of the filename defines the chip for which it will run.

JP1 You will hear a lot about "JP1". Basically this is a process whereby people using "One For All‟ (OFA) remote controls can add new codes to their remotes from their PC. The remote control processor inside the Slingbox is made by the same company that makes OFA remotes, so the upgrades are similar. The JP1 tools have been upgraded so that we can now use them to create and modify upgrades for the Slingbox.

The official procedure to follow is to report the Lack of a Supported Remote to SlingMedia and they will add it to the database. In practice, they are not quick at doing this (I have been asking for a remote for over 4 years now), and the updated remote list seems to be only occasionally updated. That may change in the future but for now it is really not a practical quick solution.

• Before starting, make sure in the setup wizard you have tried all the devices by that same manufacturer, even if the model number does not match, and all the associated code numbers. It’s also worth trying your TV Provider in case they have ‘badged’ someone else’s box. You might be lucky and find one that works and that will save a lot of work. If that doesn’t solve the problem here is the step by step approach to getting hold of your binary file:

• Install RMIR.EXE onto your PC. electricity dance moms It comes as a ZIP file rather than an installation package, which you need to unzip to your PC. The files can actually go anywhere but as a bit of tidy person (geek?) I created a C:\Program Files\IR\ folder and put the files in there. Now go into the folder and click on Setup.vbs and that will produce shortcuts to run RMIR and RM (Full instructions are at

• The Guide has a very useful section comparing using a Learning Remotes and the IR Widget and highlighting the differences, (For example "Key" is equivalent to "OBC") so you could check out the previous sub-section covering using IR.EXE and the Learning Remote. electricity and magnetism review game And then you will understand this section. When complete you can move onto Section 6 to create the Binary file.

Now fill in the codes for each button that you recorded. You just put in the OBC value and press , the other 2 values will be generated automatically based on the protocol you selected. Also, if you used a JP1 learning remote, there’s a way to cut and paste all the codes which saves needing to enter them all. In IR, if you select File > Summary you get a page listing lots of stuff. If you scroll down, you’ll see a list of learn decodes. You can cut and paste this list into Excel, then you can re-arrange the columns and just select the button names and OBC codes to cut and paste into RM. You can move the RM columns, so if the OBC column isn’t the one next to the button names, you can move it there.

This is where you map the defined functions onto the available buttons. Simply tap the Auto-Assign button which should allocate most of the buttons. gas laws worksheet pdf For any buttons left in red drag the function name from the table on the left to the function column on the right. But note that not all these buttons are available on a Slingplayer Generic Remote. For example the ‘Slow’ and ‘Eject’ buttons do not exist on a Generic Remote. So only map the functions onto the buttons that actually exist (You will see that when you check out the Layout Tab, and from experience when you have done this a few times).

• Once you have finished experimenting go back to the Setup tab. Select the appropriate Slingbox remote, go to the ‘Advanced’ menu at the top and select ‘Export Binary Upgrade’. This will produce the BIN file that we have discussed in previous Sections. If you aren‟t sure which Slingbox Chip you have then create a BIN file for the main 2 chips, so that would give you something like

You can often find yourself in the position where the Custom Remote generally works OK but some of the functions are missing or some are sending the wrong code. This is relatively easy to fix by trial and error. The OBC codes must lie between 0-255, so the first thing to do is make a list of the OBC codes that are not being used in the Remote Control. Now use Remotemaster to allocate those codes to the 0-9 buttons and the 15 Custom buttons.

Now build a new BIN files, replace the one in your \SBAV\ folder and rerun the "Setup Video Sources" routine. electricity production by state Now try those buttons and see if any of them action the missing function. If you find the missing codes then you can update the original remote file. You may have to repeat this operation 10 times to cover all the missing codes, although you can cut down the number of times by also using the Transport buttons (Play/Pause…) and Channel, Page +/- buttons as well.