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I also started freezing green beans in fresh state (due to your blog) but due to buying in groc store, I trim then soak in cold water with a tsp of citric acid mixed in for 15 minutes. Dry completely. I freeze on a sheet pan as I do vacuum seal so that way the beans don’t get crushed. My experience with zucchini freezing: First off I don’t feel those huge ones work out for this. The smaller ones I cut in half lengthwise, then cut in 1/2 ” chunks. I roast at 375 for 15 minutes (seasoned/oiled) let cool, freeze in single layer on a cling wrap lined sheet pan and then vacuum seal. I have eaten them sauteed which were good but I normally toss em in soup during the winter. origin electricity faults Just wanted to say I think the zucchini still had a good texture by roasting 1st and basically stir frying (high heat) if eating on it’s own. Have done same with butternut roasted in smallish chunks as well. I buy those two squashes when like 10 cents a lb and go to town with freezing after roasting, but not roasting to death. I’m now headed to kitchen to roast some fresh brussels sprouts to freeze for later eating. Hope that works out as well.

Followed your advice a month ago when green beans at our local veggie stand were uniformly slim and pretty, and very well priced. Just to try it out, I trimmed, cut, and froze 5 pounds. I have since discovered ONE surprising thing. These darn unblanched frozen green beans TAKE FOREVER TO COOK! I had been previously cooking FRESH beans in my Microwave Tender Cooker (pressure cooker). In my 1,000 watt microwave, 1 pound of beans cooked perfectly at just 8 minutes, so I cooked the frozen, unblanched ones that way. To my surprise, we were eating some major CHEWY beans at supper that night. tgas advisors Luckily, hubby has a good sense of humor. grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test I have since found that it takes 18 minutes in my Tender Cooker to produce an edible result, which is more than twice as long. It wasn’t because they were frozen because I let my second pound defrost first and they still took the extra cooking time. I have also added them, still frozen, to a crockpot pot roast (under the pot roast) and they were quite edible at after 2 hours on HIGH/6 hours on LOW. I will freeze green beans, unblanched again, now that I have the knack of cooking them properly. In your story, you did not mention your method of cooking or how long it took, which would have been nice to know. All in all, thanks for the idea. 🙂

I was in search of some ideas about freezing green beans other than the way I’ve always done them and I ran up on your website. I was so glad to find out that others are not blanching their fresh green beans and are having a success at keeping them for over the winter. My father taught me to garden years ago and all our family in the country had huge gardens so fresh vegetables are really all I’ve ever known. I guess some people would call it just lazy but I have never blanched any of my fresh vegetables and I freeze everything in sealed freezer bags. I call it “cold packing” as my father did. electricity grid code All I do is pick, shell or snap, wash well and let dry a bit on paper towels to eleminate excess water. Then pop them in the bags and seal. I haven’t tried your straw method but I will tomorrow morning !! I’ve always just pressed the air out as best I could. I also do not add water to any of my vegetables when freezing them and have found this to be an excellent procedure since they’re just like fresh when I cook them. Here in S.C. we tend to garden year round so thanks so much for sharing your tips with all of us.

No I haven’t tried broccoli. In fact I have had no success what so ever even growing broccoli. I’m not sure if it is just me or the rabbits are doing double time on it but I will, as usual, plant it again this year. If I do have any success I will try to freeze some. natural electricity examples I don’t know why it wouldn’t work since the frozen broccoli you buy in the grocery store seems to be just “cold packed” without blanching. I was also wondering about cauliflower & how well it might freeze without blanching. Have you done any of it? I put up 8 more qts. of green beans today, 4 each of Kentucky Wonders and Jades. Tomorrow I will pick the 5th crop of the Roma II”s. and put them up as well. I really want to try the green beans you said were your favorite, the Emerites. Do you order them online or do you buy them locally? I’ve never heard of them but really am interested in trying them. Sorry I could not help with the broccoli quesstion now but maybe with any luck I will be able to over the winter. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.