How to get a list of rich people who are willing to give to families that need help – quora gas smoker recipes

You have stumbled upon the worst part of being someone who helps those in need. Being targeted by countless worthy and less-worthy people and causes chasing you for money. For this reason most philanthropists keep their generosity as quiet as they can and would never give on the back of being canvassed.

A friend’s cousin is a young widow with 2 children. Before her husband died they had cashed in their life insurance, savings etc. and got a 2nd mortgage so that he could set up a landscaping business. Just as the business was taking off he died. They had lost their house and the Mother was just managing to make ends meet but with Xmas coming etc. things were stretched. So I bought them a $500 Xmas hamper, just to take the pressure off and so that for one week they didn’t have to worry about making the food budget stretch. Their gratitude humbled me, I genuinely didn’t expect to get a txt message picture on Xmas day of them sat round the dinner table, then to get handwritten thank you letters melted my cold heart. A few months later I booked them a summer Holiday to Florida.

What I am not on the lookout for is for anyone to contact me asking for money. As you can imagine I get a lot of it and it’s the worst part of the whole thing. I’ve been close to stopping the whole thing because I get hassled so much. I never give through organisations, I never give to people asking for money. I give to families who have suffered a bereavement and are working hard to make ends meet in difficult circumstances.

I started a "social enterprise" in 2012 – we sold products and gave 25% of the revenue to charities of our customers’ choice. We partnered with charities in different geographies and social spheres. We focused on sponsoring charities where 90%+ of proceeds went to the recipients. As we were building our network of charity partners we met a young woman who was very passionate about educating impoverished kids in Africa, more specifically Uganda. She had grandiose dreams of building a school and hiring staff and really changing the lives of kids in these communities. At the time she had raised only a few thousand dollars and was funding her own trips back and fourth from the US for medical reasons.

My company was only able to give her a few thousand dollars due to the slow growth nature of our start up. However, as our relationship with her NP evolved she became friendly with our primary investor. They went to Africa together and she showed our investor what she had been doing for the previous two years. Our investor happened to be a middle aged woman who shared the deep passion for educating impoverished children.

There are “lists” of people and then there are donors of specific charities they choose to give to. Albeit, it would be nice to just have a database that everyone is rich and wants to give their money away, the truth of the matter is, anyone can be on a list for many reasons regarding charity, but donors are consistent givers to the charities they choose. The reason this is important is because you are going to need to make your own base of donors that believe in your passion of helping assist families that need financial help.

The importance of a charity is to funnel your money through a system that your charity receives the benefits of donations as well as your donors receiving tax benefits and perks of donating to this chosen charity. People who give are entitled to write offs, etc.

Once you have that up and running, and your patience is simmering, and your charity is becoming something people need to be a part of, and give to, you and your advisory board will decide how exactly you will pick and choose canadates to receive the assistance and how it will be distributed. This is important because the way the money is used can determine donors for years to come. Ex. If your charity donates to whomever they chose to receive assistance, and the money is not appropriately handled or put to use in the intended manor, donors will be less likely to put their money back into it again. Reputation is everything to the Charity.

Now from your years of founding and running your charity, you can determine who your big donors are and start developing your list of not only rich people but people who decide that your charity is a choice they would like to invest in. These people will stand out from others by attending and backing as a donor the many events that are hosted by your charity. Your list will grow from this core group and then beyond as the charity becomes more of a household name.

I know many of the lists that are full of people willingly to donate to their choice of cause are coveted by the cause they donate to. That in itself is hard to get and it is also very specific as to what the cause is in itself. To build your own is really the way you can get the names who back your cause.

Truth is people who are rich, as well as people who are not, have the choice to do what they please with their money. There is no list that guarantees people will give their money to families in need. It would be wonderful if people all around would help another out although that is just not the case in society as a whole.

It seems to me that at the root of this question the real problem is not lack of money, but lack of love. That is what charity is supposed to be right? An unconditional act of kindness towards the less fortunate.. or are there conditions to said “generosity”? If so then it is not unconditional and therefore not true honest care without any strings attached. Not real, true charity. Love is unconditional and if you are putting conditions on your givings then it is no different than trading in any other commodity.

The truth of the matter is that unless you have something to offer, most rich people won’t even notice you. The even deeper truth is that anyone who had never been poor would most likely be the same. Until you live in a lifestyle where your needs are the real struggle and your dreams are still just that.. you will never understand the importance, nor the joy of truly giving from your heart. The rewards is in the actual giving, not in receiving the credit for doing it. Few people, much less “rich people” will ever care to even try and understand this. It is our folly and will be our ultimate ruin.