How to get a lot of followers on instagram 2018 – gain real followers gas stations in texas


Here are the working way to get instagram followers for free. However, this process isn’t so fast but, will help you boost instagram followers day by day. These tips are give you real followers on instagram. 1. Linking Instagram with your Facebook profile

An especially effective way of getting new followers is by linking your Instagram account with your Facebook profile. This can start sharing your Instagram photos to Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. According to the technology website, 20% of Instagram users also have a Facebook account. This means that about 3% of your Facebook friends could also be using Instagram! It’s not a lot, but it’s a beginning. After i have linked my facebook with IG i’ve got 700 new followers on instagram. 2. Hashtags are the A and O

Hashtags are something that have been in our lives before Instagram, they were popularized by Twitter but, they have also become indispensable on Instagram if you want to reach a wider audience. There are apps that help you with your hashtagging skills, such as TFL Pro. With this app, you’ll see which hashtags are trending right now, copy and paste them on your photo, so that millions of users can see your picture. Also read our guide about How to use Hashtags on Instagram for use hashtags properly.

Instagram is a community. You want more likes and comments to become more famous on the social network. So, that’s why the method like4like is used and effective (to some extent). I tried liking 100 photos from different people, and got 22 likes in return and six new followers, pretty good for a session. By this way you can gain more instagram followers fast!. 5. Comment is better than like

But liking pictures is just the beginning, the really essential way to getting followers on instagram is by leaving comments on their pictures. Take a good look at the picture and come out with a fun and clever comment! Every second, 575 new likes are generated, comments, however, only generate 81 new spaces per second. So, anyone who takes their time to give a meaningful and clever comment can gain more followers than those who just like pictures. To make this even more interesting, there’s a hashtag used to shout out other people’s accounts! #sfs is used when you want to shout out another user and you want your followers to see it. 6. The image choice is crucial

In this method you have to post rich things that attract every people, This will increase instagram followers. If you look at the most popular Instagram photos, you will notice that only certain themes and schemes are really successful. Snapshots of expensive designer clothes, luxury cars, chic apartments or houses are particularly well received. Let’s be honest, Instagram users have a bit of an expensive teeth when it comes to their lifestyle. They like those kinds of pictures because that’s the life they have or want to have. Fitness pictures and photos of delicious meals are also up there.

It is not only important what we post, also when we post. Evenings and nights on weekends are not recommended. It is precisely when most users are traveling/partying and are not checking their iOS or Android devices. According to, Monday at 5 o’clock is the best time to upload a new picture. Don’t worry if Monday’s a busy day for you because Wednesday and Thursday at 3 o’clock are good as well! Just keep in that a picture is most effective for its first hour. 46.15% of all comments are posted in the first hour, and 69.23% are posted in the first 3 hours. So if a picture doesn’t get a lot of impact on its first 3 hours, delete it and upload it at another time with a different set of hashtags & get more instagram followers. 8. Collages are important

Apps like “Diptic” allow you merge photos and even videos to accommodate in an image. These collages usually get more likes and comments, as a simple image. Because the workload is much higher and is also reflected in the final results again. So these pictures bring a bit of peace of your followers’ Instagram feed. Especially when you’re at a big event, like a concert, fashion show, or at a weekend game. The best way to do this is with a collage or using Instagram’s album function! If you follow these tips surely you will get followers on instagram.

And this has been TechinDroid’s 8 tips to gain followers on Instagram fast in 2018. Did you previously know any of these tips, is there another tip on how to get instagram followers that you would like to share? Leave your opinion in the comment box below and share this post with your Instagram friends!