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Instead, here’s a list of links to the airlines that fly direct (no stops) to Sorong from the most convenient international airports mentioned above. This information was current in March 2018. We recommend searching one of the flight aggregators linked above to quickly find available flight dates and times from the Indonesian airport that best that suits you.

If you’re trying to keep costs as low as possible you can get there for 6000 Rupiah if you’re happy to walk a few hundred metres to the main road and catch the yellow public bimos (minibuses) to the city terminal, then transfer to the bimos heading for the harbour. Each leg of the trip is 3000 Rupiah – no news yet on how long that takes… 3: How to get from Sorong to the Raja Ampat islands

Tickets can be purchased on your day of travel at the ticket offices in the Waisai and Sorong port office buildings. gas z factor Just ask at the port if you can’t spot those. There are often also agents selling them on the wharf itself and you can purchase them on board if you board without one. The Raja Ampat Tourism Office also sells tickets. Online booking of ferry tickets is not available.

The Sorong Tourism Office, the Raja Ampat Homestay Information Center at Waisai and your accommodation provider will be able to provide up to date ferry information. Ferry departures can be delayed, brought forward, and even cancelled without notice. gas oil ratio We experienced a delay of over 90 minutes on one occasion, as the ferry waited for late VIPs to show up. The only way to absolutely guarantee that the ferry will get you back to Sorong in time for your flight is to return to Sorong the day before your flight leaves.

Susi Air flies twice weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 0830) between Sorong and Waisai’s Marinda Airport. These are the only flights available into Marinda, and are on light planes with a very limited baggage allowance. Contact Susi for current information > Call Center (24 Hours) +628112113080 or +628112113090 Email : Susi Air Sorong +628112123934 Email : Note: Homestays pick up guests from the harbour at Waisai, so if you make a booking using the website and request a Waisai pickup, you’ll need to get a taxi from the airport to the harbour to meet your pickup.

If you’re in a real hurry, you can charter speedboats to take you directly to your accommodation. The speedboat harbour is about 200m west of the ferry wharf. Speedboats are far more expensive (hundreds of dollars) and a lot less comfortable than the public ferries or flying – you’d need a really compelling reason to charter one! 4: How to get from Waisai to the islands

The simplest way to get to your accommodation from Waisai is to select the Check this box if you need Waisai pickup checkbox provided on the booking form when you book your accommodation. gas house gorillas Note that you only need to request a Waisai pickup from the first place you will be staying at. (See inter-island transfers below.) Your homestay will be advised that you need a pickup at Waisai, and our system will send them a pickup reminder by SMS 48 hours before you are due to arrive. It’s a good idea to also SMS them yourself when boarding the ferry in Sorong, to let them know which ferry to meet.

The cost of transfer from Waisai to the islands is a sore point with many travellers. gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator Boat transfer prices are in some cases more expensive than they should be and bargaining rarely yields a substantial discount on the asking prices. Be sure to let your host know if you think his transfer prices are too high. See this page for more information about boat prices.

Because it’s the most popular island, there are almost always homestay boats picking up guests bound for Kri. If seats are available, you can save transfer costs by sharing with existing passengers. You may be in for a bit of a walk to your homestay though. Don’t do this if you requested a Waisai pickup when you made your booking: If your homestay sends a boat at your request, you are not there, and they have no other passengers to pick up, then they will (quite fairly) expect you to pay for the transfer anyway!

I have gone to Waisai by direct flight from Manado by WIngs last month. You have to go to their office to buy ticket. electricity generation by source The office in Manado locates opposite to Quality hotel. The cost is around 850k indo rupih for two hours and half flying with ATR72 propeller, departing at 7h20and arriving Waisai around 10h40 (Waisai is 1 hour a head Manado). There are also flight back from Waisai to Manado around 15 pm.

The taxi from airport to habour cost 150k rapid for 3-4 km, but can be negotiable (They finally agreed I paid 100k because I went solo). Mostly, no English. Except for two men that can communicate and arrange boats from Waisai to Island, one is Wawan +6282259112072 or Anton +6282198325785. You can call a boat man, Paul Brothers + 6282198892428 to go to Kri island, but they do not understand where you want to go. You need translation from Wawan or Anton.

Or you need to call your home stay and let’s your translator or your boat man talk to each other. Mostly boat man and even translator do not know the name of the home stay. They only know the owner name. ( I booked Nyunpun Amber and told them the name, they did not know where, until I gave them the owner names, Laurent). gas and electric nyc Many of the owner do not speak English, that is why you need to send booking by SMS 1 day in advance ( they will run somewhere to ask someone who can reply you).