How to install an interior storm window – simple decorating tips e85 gas stations in houston


we finished the attic space and I didn’t want to remove the charming original windows, but they were only single pane windows with old glass. jokes gas prices So, to maintain all the original charm but add great insulating performance, I installed interior storm windows on all the floor height attic windows. They worked great! They also offered safety, as the original windows were old glass, but the new interior storms I installed were tempered glass. ( Here is a post I wrote about that attic renovation) In our current home,

a 1970’s that we’ve been renovating, some of the windows and all the doors needed to be replaced. ( Here is the post about those changes) But most of the windows didn’t need replacing, and we didn’t want to replace them. Yes, they are original, (kind of old-ish) but I like that vintage charm. gas vs electric water heater cost per year They are the original Andersen Windows pass-by sliders… I was told they were the kick-off to Andersen’s patio doors! They are double pane, but barely. Now a days we buy double pane windows and there is special gas in-between the sealed layers.

I doubt these have any gas in-between. I think they are just 2 separate layers of glass in the sash. electricity units to kwh There is a lot of draft and cold/heat (depending on the season) that seems to come right through the glass. There is actually a lot of noise from outside that easily transfers through the windows too. gas leak chicago If the windows were in bad condition I would have considered more strongly replacing them, but these are in really, really good condition! My answer to make them more sound proof and more importantly, have a better insulating factor, yet still maintain the original windows, is to install interior storm windows.

I was going to order all the interior storm windows in one fell swoop… but I got nervous about doing that without trying out one to be sure it was going to fit. I watched the installation video Larson’s has online, and checked with their specs… my windows and casing didn’t have quite the required clearance, due to that bottom runner on the Andersen Windows by-pass sliders. gas house edwards So I just ordered 1 interior storm window to start with, the smallest one… the cheapest one… just in case I had to trash it… If it worked good, then I’d order the rest. But I sure didn’t want 14 special order interior storm windows I wouldn’t be able to use.

The roman shade in the bathroom is a top-down bottom-up. gas house gang With the bottom up, it was in the way of seeing in the top of the casing, so I actually lowered the shade all the way down, that way I only had the strings to deal with… no biggie. This style of interior storm window is super easy to install… It hangs from only the top mounting strip. So a couple of screws in the top casing is it.

See that part of the bracket that is rounded on the top? That’s the part that has to ‘hook’ into the mounting bracket. electricity units calculator in pakistan Trust me, I tried it the other way first… and though it fits and seems to hang… it also falls off! Fortunately I didn’t take my hands off the window before I realized it just couldn’t be right! After I took the storm window back down, I put on my glasses and realized my mistake! Okay, so I guess it actually is kind of obvious…