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They also have tiny stripes all over their bodies that don’t resemble much to the naked eye. And on their thorax, they have three vertical lines, two short ones that look like capital letter Ls that are placed upside-down and a long one in the middle.

Having traveled around the world, mosquitoes have spread illnesses to millions of people. As we mentioned earlier, they carry malaria, yellow fever, Mayaro, Zika fever and dengue fever. And just recently they’ve been discovered to also cause viral encephalitides, a relatively new illness that leads to severe brain inflammation.

Aside from bacteria and viruses, mosquitoes also carry worms. Heartworms or Dirofilariasis, for example, cause major health issues for our pets. This results into coughing, fainting spells and even severe anemia. For humans, some mosquito species transmit filariasis worms. Even though this parasite isn’t fatal, it can cause extreme disfiguration on isolated body parts, swelling them and turning them big and disproportional. Worldwide, there are about 40 million people who live with this disease. How to Kill Mosquitoes

What you need is something that can kill on contact, but it should still be safe for your family to use. There are some common products like the Cutter Backyard Bug Control Outdoor Fogger which is good for keeping your backyard mosquito-free. But we recommend all-natural killers like this bug spray from Killer Green. It’s generally safe and formulated to break down any insect’s exoskeleton without using harmful chemicals.

Hornet and mosquito traps are very similar. Just take a 2-liter or 1-liter plastic soda bottle, and cut out its neck. Once the neck is separated from the rest of the bottle, turn it upside down and insert it back in. If you’re not sure how this goes or what this looks like, imagine a funnel stuck inside the bottle. You can also look at the in this post.

Now to lure the bugs in, you need something that mimics what they typically eat. And it’s actually quite simple. Just mix yeast, water and brown sugar together, and you’ll have an irresistible bait that will lead these annoying insects to their doom.

Stationary bug zappers are very popular. These lamp-like things have a wider coverage which makes it ideal for outdoor installations. The Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, in particular, is said to have a 1/2-acre coverage. That’s a potential 21,000-foot mosquito-free zone, as long as you have a power source that it can plug into.

Meanwhile, hand-held zappers like the Tennis Racket Zapper don’t need plugs. They run on batteries which makes them accessible anytime and anywhere. What’s not appealing though is that they only work like fly swatters. That means you actually have to be where the bugs are in order to get them.

You let them sit in notorious mosquito breeding areas like in bird baths, old tires, puddles and ponds. The dunks and bits then slowly dissolve away, releasing a special bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis. The larvae love to eat this microorganism, but it eventually kills them off.

• Bits and dunks may be toxic to mosquito larvae, but they’re relatively safe when they’ve been thoroughly mixed in the water. But you should never let your pets eat them while they’re still in their solid forms. That can cause health problems like nausea and stomach pain. For more info on how these products affect pets, click here.

Dragonflies, in particular, are what we call “mosquito hawks”. That’s because they have a shiny reputation of being able to kill thousands of mosquitoes over time. We’re not sure if this is true. But whatever the case, there’s no mistaking that you can use this to your advantage.