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When your training, diet and lifestyle focuses on reducing estrogen and boosting testosterone in your body, that’s when big changes happen, that’s how you get rid of your man boobs naturally, and you can do it without having to train for hours on end every day, without having to starve yourself, and without having to avoid all your favorite foods.

Don’t listen to all these guys who give you twenty different exercises for the chest – incline presses, decline presses, the flat bench press, incline, decline and flat dumbbell flys, cable crossovers, front raises, pullovers… from what I’ve found, overtraining the chest really doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

I’ve come across a number of unpublished studies, particularly from Dr Al Sears, author of the renowned book, “ P.A.C.E. The 12 Minute Fitness Revolution“, that suggest you can put in far less time and far less work into a HIIT protocol, and get more fat loss out of it than an endurance training protocol that takes an hour or more out of your day, 5-7 days a week.

It’s all about the quality of the exercise, not the quantity. And thank God for that, because I don’t know about you, but I’m a busy guy and I really don’t have the time to take 2 hours a day for exercise. 4 Steps For Losing Man Boobs With HIIT

The key is to go at an anabolic pace, where you feel your thighs burning due to lactate accumulation. The discomfort of your thighs burning isn’t pleasant, but I know that the more my thighs burn, the greater the testosterone boost I’ll be getting after my workout, so I’ve grown to enjoy the feeling.

I would suggest resting long enough to be able to get your breath back so you can do another fast sprint at an anaerobic pace, but not to rest so long that you feel fully recovered. Start your next sprint just before you start to feel back to normal again.

Studies show that 3 sets are all you need for near-maximal lactate build-up. As you get better at this type of training, you’ll find you can do more sets. But I wouldn’t suggest you do more than 7 sets, as you’ll risk overtraining, which can reduce your testosterone levels. #3: Eat Your Way To A Man Boob-Free Chest

It’s common knowledge that men with type II diabetes have low testosterone levels. This is because their cells become resistant to insulin, so their pancreas secretes more insulin to try and force the cells to respond. All that extra insulin floating around not only makes them fat, but it also kills their testosterone levels.

So, one excellent dietary rule of thumb to follow for all man-boob sufferers, is to go on a low carbohydrate diet. Avoid both sugars and grain-based carbs like rice, pasta, and anything containing flour – cakes, cookies, breads, breakfast cereals and the like.

What’s good about vegetables is they’re very nutrient-dense. The countless micronutrients in vegetables reduce oxidative stress in your body, which boosts testosterone levels. Vegetables also contain compounds that help reduce the effects of estrogen on your body.

Cholesterol and saturated fat have both been demonized in modern society, and for all the wrong reasons. There’s a big movement today where the truth is finally being revealed–the fact that healthy sources of saturated fat and cholesterol are not at all bad for you.

It’s a medical fact that your liver produces 80% of the cholesterol that’s in your blood. A high cholesterol diet causes your liver to decrease its own production of cholesterol, so your blood cholesterol levels stay the same. What causes blood cholesterol to go up is an unhealthy diet with bad fats from junk food, and a diet full of sugars and grain-based carbs.

Your liver plays a crucial role in eliminating estrogens from your body. When your liver is busy processing alcohol, it can’t do the job of eliminating estrogens as well. This is true even if you drink a little bit of alcohol, but worse if you drink a lot.

In the end, what worked were a few inexpensive, all-natural supplements that are known to reduce the effects of the female hormone estrogen on the body. Of these, the most powerful I’ve discovered so far is the Indian spice turmeric. 4 Reasons Why Turmeric Can Help You Lose Man Boobs

Curcumin from turmeric has more evidence-based literature supporting its use against cancer than any other nutrient. One of the many ways it beats cancer is by blocking estrogen. In fact, studies show that turmeric is just as powerful as (if not more powerful than) the medical drug tamoxifen at blocking estrogen, and it does so without any toxic side-effects.

If you are insulin resistant, then you have high levels of insulin floating around in your blood. Insulin and testosterone are created from the same building-blocks, which means when one of these hormones is high, the other is low. Studies show a direct link between insulin resistance and testosterone. The more insulin resistant you are, the lower your testosterone levels.

Getting rid of man boobs doesn’t have to be hard. I totally disagree with the whole “no pain no gain” theory. I’ve tried the whole “pain” approach, and believe me, it doesn’t work nearly as well as a smart approach. A smart approach is one that takes into account the way the body works, and stimulates it in ways that are known to get results…

You can lose two inches of chest fat in just two weeks, if you focus only on boosting your testosterone levels and reducing estrogen. You do this by lifting weights, doing short bouts of high-intensity training, going low-carb, eating testosterone-boosting foods, and taking a good man boob shrinking supplement.

It’s the hormones & chemicals in your body that decide the way you look. You know how some guys are just naturallyslimmer and more muscular than you? These guys just have better genes than the average guy with man boobs. Though you can’t change your genes, your genes exert their effect on your body through hormones, and the good news is you can change your hormones.

A guy who is naturally ripped, naturally produces lower levels of insulin, and probably has higher levels of baseline testosterone and lower levels of estrogen. With the right lifestyle changes, you can achieve the same effect on yourbody. Lower your insulin and estrogen levels, increase your testosterone levels, and your body will transform all by itself. The Secret To Losing Man Boobs Is Simple, It’s This…

“I’ve done everything in the losing man boobs naturally guide for about a week give or take a day and there’s already results. I’ve changed my diet to completely low carb between 50-100 carbs a day and eating mostly protein and vegetables. I can actually feel my testosterone effects I believe.”

Sir I myself also have improvements on my man boobs since I’ve started taking up turmeric. Paired with high fat low carb diet it really works with just two months my man boobs is smaller compared to last two months. My peers and family noticed the results I’m much more confident today.

Sometimes the secret is to cut back on your training and eat more, but more of the right foods. When you get the balance right, that’s when getting rid of your man boobs will suddenly be something that seems to happen all by itself. Where Can You Learn More About Losing Man Boobs Naturally?

There’s so much more to losing man boobs than just the contents of this article. Over the years, as a personal trainer who specializes in helping guys lose man boobs, I have helped thousands of guys avoid the surgeon’s knife by getting rid of their man boobs using natural methods.

My old client John is a perfect example of how you can go from having big man boobs with puffy nipples, to being flat-chested in a matter of weeks, and how you can do this without starving yourself and without spending hours in the gym almost every day.