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Goat milk makes a very rich yogurt. I just don’t like the smell of it very much. I had a goat back in my earth mother hippie days but origin electricity faults he jumped the fence and got his head caught and went to goat heaven. I then bought milk from a lady with a huge herd who sold it to all the health food stores in this NE corner of Kansas. Her herd gas city indiana restaurants ate alfalfa and it was the best goat milk ever. When we buy our milk products commercially made we never find out how much the flavor is affected by what the gas in back goat or cow is eating. The big milk truck picks it up and it’s added to the other farms. I’ve always wondered what it would taste like if your animal only ate lavender or roses or even different herbs. Lemon balm yogurt sounds yummy, doesn’t it? For some electricity voltage in germany reason the fact that you talk to people in stores doesn’t surprise me. Not that I ever do something goofy like that……well, I do not talk to anyone wearing flowing white robes playing a tambourine. I did once talk to a Somalian woman until electricity nightcore lyrics I saw her licking the fruit. I’ll have to tell you about her sometime. That’s a very interesting story.

You’re being invited to an area of the Northwest renowned for it’s natural resources (Rogue River, Steelhead/Salmon fishing, Marionberries), culture (Oregon Shakespeare Theatre gas bijoux nolita, Southern Oregon Film Festival, Pear Blossom Parade, Methamphetamine Mecca soon to be displaced by more Medical Marijuana Cardholders per electricity prices by state capita in the state), and a committed movement taking hold with community-based sustainable farming. The City of Ashland (AKA That Hippie-dippie, Crystal-loving, Trust Fund-babies City) just increased the number of chickens permitted per backyard AND was named one gasset y ortega biografia of the “Top 10 Small Towns in America” by the folks at the Smithsonian and it’s less than 20 miles south of Medford.

Think of the possibilities — you could fill your blog post calendar for a year with electricity voltage in india just one whirlwind weekend with Kelly S and me as your hosts. Kelly S obviously has a spouse that is a god among the other sex – he and The Fella could hang while we do what needs to be done — pick berries, raft the Rogue, catch at least one Steelhead gas definition chemistry apiece, make jam and a Marionberry pie, catch an outdoor performance of Shakespeare, laugh at the tourists trying to find parking, tour a sustainable farm and steal gaz 67 their recipes for your future blogs and then check out chicken coop designs.

I know if we put our collective heads together (carefully, cuz I know how easily you are injured) and made enough fresh lemonade to sell during the month of August, we could raise $ to get you here in September — what a way to end electricity lab activities the jinx you have about that month. Did I mention that our Septembers are considered to be one of our best months – followed by October, March, April, May, June, and July…August gets hotter than bp gas prices chicago you know where, November through February is just drab with rain, snow, and more rain and snow.

So, please consider the gas in oil mower invitation wide open — or at least know you are loved and adored in the Pacific Northwest. (Psst…I’ve never met Kelly S, but I can tell a kindred spirit when I see her post on a blog I’ve been addicted to from the first read. Kelly – if Karen is unable gas and supply acworth ga to make the trip here, I’ll meet with you and walk you through some of her posts. Together we can get you together — you rock!)