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How to read the Quran is a five-module approach to garner a seamless understanding of the core message of the scripture without being distracted by apparently haphazard not sequential narratives of divine guidance and decrees. Readers could juggle and combine the process to suit their preference and style. It is not meant to be Hut School teaching of correct rendition of verses in Arabic. bp gas prices chicago What matters is for commoners to understand their role of fulfilling their obligations to their maker and then the Islamic precept of “Amanah” in the workplace, elsewhere and when at rest will ensue with robust vigor.

Both the eBook and paperback book are now available on Amazon.com. Post publication events and world order reform developments not withstanding, the manuscript passages on cited cases remain spot on. Anecdotes such as one on student loan defaulters leading to honoring pledges and repaying debts without persistent demands draw on blog postings of Hope Tribute Malaysia. Under the category “Outlier economic and bespoke investing outlook” gold investing articles relate world events for signs of a reformed new order because upward bias in precious gold prices is dependent on it. Post publication of book the pertinent G20 summit in Argentina is an event covered in the latest #27 feature. Extracts from the post illuminate why our manuscript cited cases still hold.

. . . We had on 16.8.18 (Gold investing outlook #24) stated that the “Trump-Xi friendship” in resolving trade war tit-for-tat measures and threats would be called upon when needed. Indeed Beijing would revert to buying substantial amount of U.S. agricultural and energy products and to start purchasing agricultural products from U.S. farmers immediately.

The G20 summit also sealed a landmark deal on world trade reform. The UK parliament vote against Premier May’s brexit proposal would further contribute to a new world order. It was scheduled for 11 December but was aborted, hence this 3 rd book preview. We wrote on 23.10.18 that with China’s cautious but clear bent on a new order for world trade and reserve currency we can look forward to world gold price above $1300 in December 2018.

On another front, France’s “Overthrow the bourgeoisie!”, anarchist sentiment culminated with a graffito on the Arc de Triomphe monument reading “Macron resign” on 2.12.18. emoji gas station The protesters were firstly angry about the green taxes that have raised gasoline prices, now in the fifth week it has become an uprising of rural France against policies favoring the industrialists at the expense of pensioners and the lower labor force. It points to a world where trade unions, church organizations and political parties are fading in importance. The yellow vest movement that didn’t exist a month ago became consolidated quickly because anger travels swiftly on social media without leaders. President Macron’s popularity is now in the mid 20% only.

. . . In Malaysia although Brent crude price is way below $70 per barrel, a B10 program will increase local consumption of palm oil and help reduce surplus in the global market. A new rule will come into full force from February 2019 to phase in the B10 biodiesel mandate on truck manufacturers such as Scania and bus manufacturers assuring engine warranty extension with usage of B10 in Malaysia.

5.31 A published poll on 4.11.18 had France far-right leader Marine Le Pen ’s party leading Macron. France’s 2017 presidential elections saw Macron winning with 65.5% of the vote on a turnout of about 74%, with Marine Le Pen’s high-spending and anti-immigrant manifesto attracting an estimated 11 million votes. In the author’s mind the defeat of France’s far-right opposition leader was a loss to the French masses.

4.94 Not in the limelight, scientists in China have successfully cultivated paddy in salty waters along the Yellow Sea coastal city of Qingdao. Some types of grain produced in between 4.4 tons and 9 tons of rice per hectare. electricity and circuits class 6 ppt Presently farmers growing some types of saline-tolerant rice could get 1.5 tons per hectare. Only by doubling the yield would it be commercially viable. God’s bounty awaits the ingenuity of man to reap and prosper. Consumers have taken to its flavor and texture and in China the rice grown in salty water is thought to have several health benefits.

Malaysia’s 720,410 tonnes of bio-diesel production in 2017 could reach 1.2 million tonnes in 2019. This of course depends on Brent crude oil prices holding above $70 per barrel. gas engine tom Instead of penalizing oil palm because of misplaced notions of sustainability, the European Union after depleting their forests has the audacity to champion measures to victimize the economies of developing nations. Greater oil palm cultivation would make renewable bio-diesel not only a growth engine for Malaysia and Indonesia but indeed contribute a greater good for humanity’s economic need for energy.

4.96 There no longer is a need for a UK’s “special partnership” with the European Union and it’s a positive factor development for a reformed world order. Each nation ought to abide only by its own laws and unique homeland needs. Theresa May’s vision for Britain after Brexit now has to be a no-deal Brexit. Germany’s Merkel may try to upset the course by saying that a Brexit deal should be flexible. Where was she when Theresa May made her case on 22.9.17 in Florence? Why bend backwards to comply with Euro zone rulings?

Poland getting suspended because of political interference in its legal system; the Greeks pointing out a British no-deal Brexit would leave EU finances £10bn-a-year short and add “increased financial and political instability” to the nation are developments on which the UK politicians ought to leverage in convincing all and sundry that a no-deal Brexit is favorable.

4.97 The euro zone direction is an on-going restrain on new world order reform and British Prime Minister Theresa bent on the European Union’s offer to extend the transition period of Brexit could lead to a confidence vote on her premiership in December 2018. What a dismal development because a no-deal Brexit would be a positive for new world order reform. After all the Czech prime minister would pass emergency legislation to ensure British citizens continued to have the same access to the republic.

Most cross references of Reminder verses are appended in Addendum A with points 1.0 to 3.0 in sync with the discourse of Modules 1 through Module 3. Points 4.0 and 5.0 of Addendum B is synchronized with Module 4 and 5. The bespoke investment strategies which focuses on everything having its place and exercising prudence are part of relishing the abandon life. We need to be prudent in investing and the featured articles illustrate the importance of not creating any ills for a life of serenity.

The premise of new world order headwinds in 2018 and Brexit being a positive development underscore nations surviving by learning in order to avoid crude madness that history has so far counted. A brighter future of humanity and advancement of the grand scheme of things will be shaped by peculiarly startling efforts of real action of world leaders as they balance their duty to their own citizens with their responsibility to the wider world.

By “the grand scheme of things” is about God’s plan for mankind in general and everyone in particular. electricity powerpoint template Relative to race, it’s reaching out to all and sundry to learn their heritage and culture. Minimizing our own “footprint” with co-dependent friendships rather than squabbling over matters of faith for no one group of people is categorically the guided ones

Pharaoh of course broke up communities into factions. In general communities which have divided their system and become sects (Arabic: “syiyaan”), whereby each group rejoices with what it has is the Reminder’s euphemism of religion. No other Arabic word in the Quran for religion is closer than “syiyaan”. Followers of the Creed of Abraham are not with them in anything. When trading the upright person does not defraud others or seek abnormal gains from imprudent customers and desperate suppliers.

When common folks recite verse 6 of the Opener during formalized prayers they are clearly asking to be shown the straight way. Al Baqarah proclaims the true guidance is in this book for those who believe in the revelation sent to Muhammad and before his time. Those who follow the guidance will prosper while those who do not believe make mischief on the earth.

Addendum A Point 2.24 What are the deeds of a pious person? Do you realize that the perceptions of most people are conditioned by precepts propagated by community leaders and extended families? Fact is that even a much honored prophet can be viewed as at a loss. gas hydrates are used Moses was seeking to learn from a “servant of God” [read Q18:65-82] and Moses was baffled as to why wrecking a lifeline boat, killing an innocent child and wringing laborious charity to the inhospitable could be righteous. The three events and the lesson of the narration contrasts with the perception of people who have taken their priests and scholars [see Q9:31] as lords besides God – which of course make them deemed idol-worshipers. power in costa rica The righteous person is not recognized because of the predominance of man-made religious laws and cult beliefs.

Khidr also mentioned to Moses to be patient in judgment. He had killed the lad. Is this not against the common understanding that killing another human is a grave sin? Apparently not – if you are in the state of higher awakening and that you are free of ritualistic laws and norms set by fellow humans – no matter how learned they are in their religious knowledge passed down generation to generation of forefathers, whether written or memorized.

The Almighty’s laws are just and the accomplishment of God’s fair recompense invariably holds. Know that contentment is a product of the heart to be relished whether your personal or financial fortune flourishes or take a turn for the worse. The finest retreat is being free from evil and filled with contentment in life – attaining repose while being ever surrounded by affluence and unwholesome distractions. Man’s innate tendency to what is right and his inclination to virtues is influenced by interlocking selfish desires, wrong focus, cult practices, customs and superstitions.

The doorman of a guesthouse gains the respect of city visitors by his robust character and state of repose. He serves them with dignified conversation about the city attractions and seasonal anecdotes. Even the lift attendant can enjoy his work and stand tall in executing his job extremely well, adding pleasant brief interlude to the holiday experience of guests.

The store keeper, the street cleaner, the farm work hand or the construction manual worker all can be happy at work and contented in life. Their strength of character and inner peace draw people to their mannerism and wisdom. The rural elder who earns his keep in a fishing vessel can impart to you the serenity of life’s true riches even without uttering a word but silent eye reflection of an upright being in its finest nature.