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I won’t kid you – it is not going to be easy. Only sheer determination will guide you through. But trust me, this is one habit that you will be thankful to rid when you step on the weighing scale again after a fortnight. And increasingly so.

If your tummy won’t stop growling at ungodly hours, then make do with some low calories food like broccolis, strawberries and oranges. They may not sound like the most exciting supper food, but no supper means no supper. You have to be firm about this. The more determined ones can sleep the hunger away, which is your best bet.

This might not be the tastiest option for many, but it should be an essential in your life. Grapefruit has always been associated with weight loss, and though it may not perform miracles, there are many studies that have shown its efficiency and countless of people swear by it for a boost. Grapefruit aids in digestion due to its high water and fibre content, so a glass every morning before your breakfast helps in clearing your system and flushing out the toxins that are stored in your body. If you have gastritis, try only a small glass of 250ml, or skip it altogether.

Breakfasts are for champions. Many underestimate the importance of breakfast, but this should always be the first meal of our day, and it has to be taken seriously. In fact, skipping breakfast will cause all weight loss plans to backfire – because your body will condition your mind in to eating a lot more than you should for the rest of the day.

Start making breakfast a habit. It aids in weight control, and improves your overall performance and energy level for the day. This is also the time of the day when carbs (and occasional sweets) are encouraged – think oats and wholegrain breads with an almond butter spread, or peanut butter if you must.

Adding protein also helps in keeping you fuller, so that you do not grab unnecessary snacks before lunch hour. Egg whites are highly recommended. Loaded with the highest quality protein, it keeps you full and satisfied. Studies have also shown that those who eat two egg whites every morning consume fewer calories across the day, and boast the highest percentage of overall weight loss.

I know it sounds impossible, but if I am such a glutton and I can do it, so can you. Carbs are killers, and while I love my pasta and breads so much, I do not touch them after 7pm. Your body still needs energy from carbs, but you can load ‘em up in the day – not excessively, of course.

Now, this is my favourite, and one that I am really strict about till today. Many things in life happen because of the choices we make, and a wise decision can do you wonders. It is like choosing to climb that flight of stairs instead of taking the lift – yes, I still do simple things like that.

So, how to choose your calories wisely? There are few things that I abstain from and very rarely touch, and they include potatoes and potato chips. You have no idea how much I love my potatoes. Unfortunately, they are the darnest things to eat, really.

Now, this is an extremely simple theory. If there is fried chicken and grilled chicken on the menu, you know which you should pick, right? Grilled and steamed fish over pork-anything any time. Wholegrain bread is much better than sweet white bread. Order a fresh fruit juice instead of grabbing a can of soda, and do not add sugar to your coffee and tea. Avoid sausages and processed meats. Yes to more fruits and vegetables. Salad that has the dressing served separately also means you can control the amount that goes over your leaves.

Yes, the truth is hard to handle but those junk will do you no good at all. I did not touch McDonald’s and KFC for two whole years. Resistance was very tough and Filet-O-Fish called me in my dreams, but when I saw a flatter tummy and leaner arms, that sense of satisfaction was unparalleled. Before I even realised, my body and mind were in harmony, and I was already conditioned to developing healthy cravings. Trust me when I said I actually felt so good when munching on raw spinach and olives.

So anyway, processed food means they contain a lot of preservatives, and those are hidden chemicals that you do not see when eating until they appear on your hips. There is also a reason why they are so affordable, but what the menu does not tell you is the price you have to pay after eating them.

You know what they say about “you are what you eat”? I would eat a Victoria’s Secret model if I could (Candice Swanepoel or Alessandra Ambrosio, please), but the sad truth suggests I should just stay away from sweets because sugar is every model’s top enemy. They are useless calories, and they do nothing but settle on your tummy, thighs and hips.

• Understand that diet doesn’t mean u shud fast and be on soup salad diet and create caloric deficit which most of the people do in order to lose fat. And in the process they end up losing muscle and lose strength power and when they see the number decreased on a weight scale they assume that they have lost fat which is never the case.

• Increase the intake of protein in the form of chicken eggs paneer red meat protein shakes tofu as this all are thermogenic in nature and so take time to digest also protein does not increase the insulin levels which is the main hormone responsible for fat deposition. You can calculate your protein intake by calculating your (lean body mass×2gms=daily protein requirement) which can be calculated at any body composition analyzing machine . But the accurate results are only provided by DEXA scan.

• Increase the amount of healthy fats in your diet. Try using saturated fat such as desi ghee,coconut oil,butter. Please do not use vegetable oils such as sunflower safflower and all the so called healthy CHOLESTEROL free oils for cooking. These vegetable oil are always cholesterol free and it is marketing gimmick to sell this oils as CHOLESTEROL free. This oils are most unstable and rancid in nature which is the reason for most of the cancers today due to formation of free radicals in the body through use of such oils.

• Use COCONUT, GROUNDNUT, MUSTARD OR OLIVE oils as a cooking medium. Our ancestors never used seed oils they used whatever was there at their disposal which was also healthy in nature. Dietary fat never made people fat. Its a wrong theory. Please read more on fats and its role in body functions for survival. The fat should be consumed half of ur protein requirement.

• Avoid all the processed foods and white foods such as bread pasta and if possible avoid grains especially wheat as they raise the blood sugar level very high and so INSULIN is released in more quantities which when in abundance converts the sugar directly into triglycerides (CHEMICAL FORM OF FAT) instead of storing in the form of glycogen for energy and thus increasing fat percent in our body.

• Eat a lot of green vegetables and carrot as they are very high in fibre and thermogenic in nature and help to increase the resting basal metabolic rate of your body. Eat in small quantities and frequently throughout the day. Eat almonds and walnuts for snacking instead of biscuits toast khari. Drink tea without sugar. Try to avoid sugar wherever possible. Drink plenty of water. Be active throughout the day go for a walk.Never drink fruit juice which is (only sugar stripped of its fibre) eat whole fruit which has fibre content. And be positive u will certainly see the difference in the coming days if u follow the same.