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In pregnant women the pain of this type is caused by hormonal changes, which occur during carrying a child, exacerbation of chronic diseases, lowering immune system, alteration of phosphoric-calcium metabolism, lack of minerals and vitamins. What causes toothache during pregnancy? How to remove it as safely as possible for the health of mom and baby? Here are the questions that find answers in this article, reports Rus.Media.

The process of pregnancy every woman is different, but according to statistics, many expectant mothers during pregnancy a toothache. This can occur due to insufficient intake of vitamins or minerals, because everyone knows that the growing fetus requires calcium for bone formation.

Asking how to relieve toothache during pregnancy, you need to remember the fact that pregnant women may not suit a lot of medications aimed at removing dental pain for ordinary people in ordinary life. This is due in large part to the fact that during pregnancy is strictly forbidden to accept some components of drugs, especially powerful drugs. The consequences of taking these drugs to combat a toothache during pregnancy can be very poor.

So you should remember and take into your minds that before you decide to take any medicinal drug for the treatment of a toothache during pregnancy or breast-feeding child, then you need to visit an experienced dentist, a very thorough examination, pass all the tests and only after that to apply those means and medicinal preparations for relieving dental pain, which will endorse dentist.

During pregnancy to relieve toothache it is better to use natural preparations, preparations of traditional medicine (after all, they have far fewer side effects than pills, and are natural). It is possible to apply a rinsing solution of soda, packs of herbs, onions. The main thing is not to use antibiotics or use them on prescription.

First, the woman, being in this interesting position, must not only worry about their condition, but also for the health of the unborn child, so there can be no independent action for the dental treatment, it is not necessary to take pain medications without prior consultation with the doctor. Any kind of self-medication can harm your child’s body.

Even women with perfect teeth before pregnancy, they may start to crumble, to hurt, there is inflammation of the gums, dental caries. All this happens because of changes in the female body during pregnancy, such as hormonal changes, the metabolism, the result of an unbalanced diet can be a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. Toxicosis contributes to increasing the acidity of the mouth, and that it causes tooth decay.

After all, for ladies means a lot a beautiful smile, and if not take the necessary measures to dental treatment, they may severely deteriorate, which could lead to the need for their removal. Remember to treat a tooth during pregnancy is possible, but only with the advice of the gynecologist.

Most favorable for dental treatment period is the second trimester of pregnancy, then the whole procedure is less likely to affect the fetus, but if the gynecologist sees no contraindications, the dental treatment can be carried out in the first and third trimester of pregnancy. However, it is not advisable to perform a surgical intervention.

When there is a toothache in pregnant women, it is also allowed to pay a visit to the orthodontist. Because the busy orthodontics teeth straightening and bite correction. So if during pregnancy you have made the decision to smile, Hollywood smile, you should immediately contact the orthodontist.

For this reason, pregnant women should regularly pay a visit to the dentist, do not postpone, if it disturb even the most minor toothaches. This applies particularly to the first three months of pregnancy. It is desirable to cure the patients teeth by up to six-month period of pregnancy because in the later stages of therapy serious diseases just is contraindicated.

If at the time of pregnancy, women have not had a chance to visit the dentist, even the most minor problems of the teeth can be sharpened and talk about yourself during pregnancy, when it is weakened the whole body. Most often this happens during active formation of the fetus because during this period the female organism is susceptible to most impairments.

If plaque is not promptly removed from teeth, it can be observed the development of gingivitis. This disease can lead to redness of the gums and pain when eating. Most often occurs in the second trimester. When such a sickness came a second time, she in this situation escalates. For this reason, a visit to the dentist during pregnancy is quite important. This should be done in the most minor pain in the tooth to eliminate the pain and to ensure the health of the teeth in the future.

For women in pregnancy, the condition of the mouth and teeth plays a special role. Damaged teeth delayed individual parts of food that cause the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and putrefaction. And the products of bacterial chronic inflammation toxins, penetrate into lymphatic and blood vessels. so toothache during pregnancy provokes severe postnatal illness.

A visit to the dentist during pregnancy is necessary at least two times a year. If there is any pain or other concerns, must to pay a visit to the doctor. You need to inform the doctor about her pregnancy because x-rays and other emergency treatment during pregnancy is contraindicated.