How to replace the fan limit switch in a furnace dengarden gas examples matter


• Tell the furnace to shut down because of overheating. Let’s say the flames are burning but the furnace fan breaks down…there would be nothing to push the heat out of the unit and k electric company duplicate bill thus creating extremely high and potentially dangerous temperatures in the furnace. At the high limit setting (temp. setting #3) the switch would trip and cut power to the gas valve thus eliminating the danger of fire or explosion.

These three functions are based on 3 different temperature settings. Today, these are factory set and unchangeable without changing the limit switch which is a bad idea. This is because the temperatures are based on the furnace’s capabilities and ratings. Playing with these temperatures can cause your furnace to run less efficiently, possibly again damage gas unlimited sugar land tx the limit switch, or worse, let your furnace get much hotter than it was designed to be. You can see how this would be bad, right? Older models had a much different style of limit switch which had adjustable temperature settings but they are not used in modern style furnaces.

As always, when looking for parts for anything really, it’s important to have as much information as you can about the furnace. Model number, serial number, voltage/amperage ratings, etc… Most all of this information will be located on the rating plate of the unit or part. You may not need gas number density it all but if you do, you have it and won’t be making a second trip to the hardware store.

You’re also more likely to get respectable attention from your local supplier who may very well be used to dealing with contractors. Often, wholesale suppliers get frustrated with homeowners because they don’t realize what information is needed and then get upset with the wholesaler for us electricity supply voltage asking so many questions. This isn’t like buying pencils. The proper information is needed to protect you and your HVAC equipment.

With limit switches, the temperature range will be an important piece of information as well as with the older ones, the length of the rod that protrudes from the back. The best thing to do with this part is to bring the old one with you to the dealer. I say dealer because you won’t likely find these in your big box home improvement stores. Now if you’re shopping online, be sure you read all the specifications carefully and compare them to yours. Don’t guess and don’t vary or you will be wasting your money, time and probably, more money since you will be buying another electricity joules part or worse, damage other parts in your furnace by using the wrong limit switch.

Mr. Johnson – You are correct and thus the reason it’s written assuming you’ve already established that it’s a bad limit by going to the common furnace problem link where it says to check your filter. Thank you for looking out for my readers and I’m sorry if I took gas zauberberg a service call from you. You’re in the business apparently and thus would agree that a strapped homeowner might want to give this a try for $25 as opposed to paying a few hundred for someone else to do. You see my articles are intended to help folks who are in need. It is my firm belief that no one should be deprived of heat because they can afford the high rates of HVAC service companies. I understand the rates. I do….that doesn’t change the fact that some cannot afford them. You know as well as I do that most furnace problems are simple and do not take a degree or years of experience. Even if a homeowner buys a few simple electricity laws in pakistan parts in the process of finding the one that works, they come out better off financially and perhaps end up with a few spare, commonly used/needed parts. Again though, thank you for reinforcing to readers that they should be checking their filters. It is quite important.