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While I was never the best-presented employee, becoming a remote worker has helped me discover new depths of informality. On the financial side, it’s definitely a game-changer too. There are a few reasons you should ask your boss whether you too can spend an entire working week in your PJs – no commute costs, no expensive suits -but accommodation is the big one. If you don’t need to live in the city, you could move to a much cheaper area and save a fortune.

Western wages and developing world prices is a potent combination for saving. I live comfortably on $580 a month in Thailand, which is insane. The ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle is obviously not for everyone, requiring a certain set of skills, a lot of flexibility, and a lack of pre-existing commitment. But for the right person – someone unattached and adventurous – it’s a powerful strategy for saving some serious cash, bootstrapping a business, or seeing the world.

My fondness for brown bagging would put seasoned alcoholics to shame. Every Sunday evening, I cooked up a big feast and divvied it up into portions for the work week ahead. This saved me about a grand a year. grade 6 electricity Over a working career, with compound interest, that’s well over $100,000 right there. I bought my lunches on Fridays to stay sane. If you want a fresher lunch or more variety, make an extra portion for dinner and put it in a container for the next day.

On your next shop, keep an eye out for the “unit prices” on the shelves. These little numbers tell you how much something costs per 100g, 100ml, or per item. This consumer superpower gives us X-ray vision which can penetrate complicated pricing, different pack sizes, promotional gimmicks, glitzy packaging, and all the other assorted bullshit.

For most of us, buying a brand new car is a very bad idea. The second your bum alights upon the leather, it depreciates like crazy. Buying a new car by spending every cent of your savings is a no-good, very bad idea. Then there’s buying a new car by not only spending all your savings, but borrowing a whole lot more at a double digit interest rate. This is classified as a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad idea.

My rule for clothing is that I have to get one wear for every dollar I spend. If a shirts costs $50, I have to be able to wear it and wash it at least 50 times. My best buy yet is a pair of leather boat shoes I found in an op-shop for $5, years ago. I’ve worn them several hundred times, which means the per-wear cost is approaching one cent.

Buying good quality stuff often saves you money in the long run, if you can afford to pay top dollar. One rule of thumb is never to stint on things that come between you and the ground; shoes, tires, and mattresses. I think this mostly holds true, and I’d extend it to cars, too. 76 gas credit card login However, there are other categories where it doesn’t make as much sense.

This might conjure up images of food stains, sweaty armpits and various other bodily fluids, but there’s no need to wrinkle your nose. Lots of clothes get discarded precisely because they’re never worn. We’re not buying smelly, worn-out rags, but the drunken online purchases and impulse buys of our non-enlightened peers. If you want a designer jacket, let some other sucker pay for it first. Just like buying a car, the moment it leaves the rack, its value plummets.

It’s normal in most parts of the world, but Westerners are weirdly squeamish about it. Done right, you’ll save a packet without hurting anyone’s feelings. Aggressively demanding a discount is bad form, as is nickel-and-diming over small items with an obvious fixed price. Save your silver-tongued negotiating skills for the big-ticket stuff.

The US self-storage industry is so huge that every single American could comfortably stand under its canopy. There’s already an excellent place you can “store” stuff almost for free – eBay, Craigslist,or your local equivalent. Whenever you need something, buy it secondhand. Once you’re done, sell it again. Chances are, you’ll recover all or most of the purchase price. Think of eBay as an enormous virtual warehouse, with millions of items on the shelves. Provided it’s not a unique item or sentimental, you’ll always be able to find it again.

The Japanese have elevated gimmicky tools to an artform. Chindogu items are designed to solve very specific problems, but have no practical use in real life. While Westerners might laugh at shoes with built-in umbrellas, they should first open their own kitchen drawers. Single-purpose cooking implements – like a dedicated banana slicer – are stupid. Use as few tools and gadgets as possible.

Renting appliances is generally a dumb idea. In one flat, I figured out we could save up and buy a really nice fridge for the same amount we were spending on a rental each year. There are also all sorts of hidden fees, for late payments, insurance and other stuff. One company wanted to charge an extra $65 to hoist an appliance around a tricky corner.

Once a year, check all your financial pipes for blockages or dangerous build-ups. That means reviewing your insurance, power, internet, phone, TV and other service providers. Make sure you’re getting value for each and every one of them, and don’t be afraid to ask for a deal. I usually do this financial spring-cleaning during Austere August.

There’s something perverse about climbing into a large, gas-guzzling vehicle, driving a single passenger across town, and proceeding to run on a treadmill while flicking through magazines or watching TV before driving home again. If there are no decent tracks to run or power walk around your neighbourhood, at least find a local park or reserve you can drive to.

If you’ve made a decision to get cover, your first port of call should be your employer or union. They’ll usually get better deals by buying in bulk from the insurer and will often further subsidise the costs themselves. gas x strips directions Otherwise, be sure to shop around and get plenty of quotes. There can be thousands of dollars of difference between similar policies.

I’m talking, of course, about a multipurpose hair clipper. This handy tool is cheap to buy, and should last more or less forever. Cutting hair is not exactly brain surgery. Over the years I’ve had my flatmates, girlfriends, and relatives trim my hair. Apart from one unfortunate divot the day before a big presentation, there’s never been a problem.

The 30 year old living in mum’s basement and living off heat-and-eat lasagne toppers isn’t a greasy slob – he’s an energy efficiency crusader! Microwaves concentrate heat waves directly into food, meaning they’re up to 80 per cent more efficient for cooking or reheating than regular ovens. You can also whip up a surprisingly versatile range of foods.

Shut a piece of paper in the door. If it slips out, you’re bleeding precious heat, and need to replace the seals. Keep the door closed as much as possible during cooking. One quick fix is to keep the door clean at all times, so you don’t have to open it to salivate over your culinary masterpiece. Put your food in the oven as soon as it’s preheated, and turn it off 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time. electricity news australia The retained heat will finish it off.

Every power company has different contracts, sweeteners, special deals, and gas/electricity combos. You’d need to employ an army of boffins to gather and crunch all the info to figure out which one is best for you. Luckily for New Zealanders, someone’s done just that. The Powerswitch website has a constantly updated database, and offers a free step-by-step process for figuring out which company is best. A grand total of five minutes’ work saved me $250. Overseas readers – let me know if there’s a similar service in your country, and I’ll add it.

Nothing says ‘‘I forgot Valentine’s Day’’ more than picking up a box of chocolates (to go with the Hallmark card) in a last-minute dash through the supermarket. A $29 box of nougat hearts won’t get your beau in the mood for anything except an indigestion tablet and a lie-down. Home baking or a nicely presented box of goodies is an alternative that won’t cost the Earth.

If you head overseas without cover, you’re playing a dangerous game. Always get insurance, and be sure to read the fine print because most insurers have a list of exclusions as long as your arm. z gas cd juarez telefono To save money, you can self-insure by making the excess (co-pay) as high as possible, and by ditching cover for the likes of missed flights or possessions. Personally, I only want protection for the big stuff, like medical evacuation or hospital bills.

Here’s a little secret that’s well known in backpacker circles, but not so much amongst the broader public: Just about every car and campervan hire company offers free or discounted trips to people willing to relocate their vehicles to where they’re needed. If you’ve got your driver’s licence, you’re over 18, and you have a pulse, you’re eligible.

In the early days, breast is best (if possible). It’s much cheaper, and apparently healthier too. Moving on to solids, my friend buys whatever veggies are cheap, boils them up and mashes them. Carrots, kumara and pumpkin are popular. To add iron, she keeps a steak in a bag in the freezer, and grates it onto the veggies at dinnertime before warming the whole mess in the microwave.

In New Zealand, cynical tax hikes have made smoking absolutely ruinous to your finances. Telling people to “just quit” is not super helpful. One option is switching to e-cigarettes, which are about 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco. They contain nicotine, but don’t have the other 3999-odd chemicals. Some people use them to quit, by slowly cutting down the amount of nicotine in the fluid.

For winos, give cleanskins a try. These are generic-label bottles which vineyards use to sell off extra plonk without diluting their brand power. A $10 bottle could be worth $20 or $30, but you won’t know until you’ve got it home and swirling in the glass. Stick to young, easy-drinking whites like sauvignon blanc or pinot gris, and you’ll have less chance of getting a dud.

How much would it take to get you dancing around the lounge? Would $350,000 do the trick? Resist buying that weekly ticket, and it’s yours for the taking. With modest interest over the course of an adult lifetime, you’ll literally save a small fortune. Forget superstitions and lucky numbers. The guaranteed way anyone can win Lotto is to never play it in the first place.

I’m a junkie – death before decaf – but I’ve got my habit under control. Brewing at home is the way to go, or taking advantage of workplace coffee machines. 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh Of course, there’s no replacement for your favourite blend brewed by a skilled barista. Once again, a really good coffee is a whole lot more enjoyable if it’s an occasional treat, rather than a twice daily routine. Financial services

All your financial indiscretions are right there in red ink, standing out like dogs’ balls. This information is sold to third parties, who will then scrutinise it and pass judgment upon you. The most crucial reason for checking is that there could be mistakes that need to be corrected. Lenders are often slack about updating information with the bureau. That means an old debt you cleared ages ago could still be dragging you down. The worse your credit score, the higher the interest rate you’ll have to pay. That’s if the lender will accept you.

Once they’ve latched on, they’ll keep their proboscis in your wallet from now until the end of the time. The reason there’s so many refund companies is that it’s money for jam. Most people put tax returns in the too-hard basket, but it’s actually dead easy for ordinary wage or salary earners. I’ve done my own return every year, and have never run into a moment’s trouble. Obviously if you have more complicated tax affairs, an accountant will save you a lot more than their fees.

If you’re in a really expensive retirement fund, you’ll pay more than $200,000 in fees over 40 years. Fees aren’t the only factor to look for, but they’re right up there. gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 Investment returns can vary hugely from year to year, and a superstar manager one year could be a dud the next. The only constant through good times and bad is that fees are constantly chipping away at your nest egg.

Everyone knows someone who’s good at everything; a capable pair of hands in every situation. For me, it’s my dad. He built the house I grew up in, despite not being a builder. He can fix just about anything, butcher and dress out an animal, program a website, cook a decent feed, or change a nappy – you name it. People like my dad exemplify the Kiwi tradition of resourcefulness and getting on with the job.

If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer – you’re the product being sold. Television has been doing this since forever. They gave us free shows to watch, and then sold our eyeballs to advertisers. Most people were happy to make this trade-off, because the creep factor wasn’t so obvious. Sure, the morning cartoons ran ads for kids’ toys and Happy Meals, but the targeting was pretty broad.With Google and Facebook et al, we’ve crossed into a new era of mega-creepiness.

Phew! Congratulations on making it to the end. Hopefully you picked up a few useful tips along the way. Now you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to put it into action. Having a system to track your progress and stay motivated is crucial, so be sure to check out ‘ Net Worth Tracking: The Number One Tool For Real Financial Success‘ and get your free copy of the best damn net worth spreadsheet on the internet.