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In the introduction, I talk about the changes over the last few months with Amazon, reported income drops, and what this might mean for authors: KDP Print, also-bought changes [ David Gaughran], category changes, new country-specific reporting [ The Digital Reader], international authors not being able to see ebooks, and international readers not being able to buy from .com store [ David Gaughran].

My first book was about trying to find an easy route through learning jazz. And, I sent it off along with three DVDs of audio examples to like a London sort of music-based publishing company. And it was like, ‘Oh, we really liked the book. That’s great. k electric jobs 2016 But that’s absolutely commercially inviable for us. There’s no way we can do three DVDs. It’s hard enough to sell guitar books at the moment anyway. No one’s buying these things.’

By doing that, our mailing list is about to hit 60,000 people. And they’re all pretty much people who have bought books from us before. wb state electricity board bill pay So, that becomes like a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now as the mailing list grows, we can launch new books to more people. gas in oil pressure washer They get highly rated on Amazon and then they download the audio and the word sort of spreads.

Joseph: It’s just designed to make our lives easier at the other end. But there is, exactly what you said, come to us and they want us to publish that book. And we’re like, ‘Okay.’ And we just smash them over the head with this like massive, like, ‘How to Write’ guide. electricity measurements units Then nothing’s ever going to get done because they’re too scared to write anything.

So, what we do get to do because we’re quite small and really chilled out and we like working with musicians and we don’t work with anyone that we don’t want to work with because life’s too short. We want to work with people where we’re good for them, they’re good for us and we want it to be chill, is that I have a read through this style guide.

I want to come back to Upwork. Because I’m really interested in your translation project. We talked about this last time in that it’s much easier for you to do translation because the number of words is actually less than, say, a novel. And also, because it’s nonfiction, it’s easier. Can you talk about how you’re doing the translation with the books and how you’re ensuring quality?

I can’t think of any point where any of the translators have been particularly precious about that work. the thing that absolutely blows my mind, you know, the…I can’t remember his name, the guy that translates Haruki Murakami…because that’s such beautiful, beautiful writing. gas guzzler tax It’s incredible literature to capture that tone of his level of sort of esoteric novel, for me, that’s such an art.

I do feel lucky that I do what I do. Saying that, it would work for any nonfiction genre. But it comes back to book titles quite a lot as well. So, our like book titles are so sort of SEO friendly, to the point of being boring, but findable, that kind of thing, or what are people searching for when they’re looking for this book? And you sort of do it as well. I mean, ‘How to Write Nonfiction,’ you know, what a brilliant book title.

So, that sort of been the driver. But because of that and it’s not Amazon’s fault certainly. But partly because it could be a bit of a precarious kind of existence. hp gas online payment I don’t know if other people relate to this. But there’s kind of, ‘What if we get shut down?’ And I know people have had all their accounts closed, or whatever, and things can just seem to stop.

But I would say, try and take that offline as well. If there’s someone you’re chatting to online about your books, pick up the phone, go and see them if you can. Of course, it’s a big world, but having people around you that can support you and understand what you’re doing and the sort of minutiae of writing, that they get it and being able to just vent.