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While I cannot talk about the specifics of the severance package we received (one of the fine print clauses in the contract Paul signed — gotta read that fine print!), I want to stress the importance of getting a good one. Full disclosure: our severance pay definitely did not cover even close to the salary we would have received over five months.

But we did have three other things going for us: unemployment compensation, my business (you’re reading it now!), and Paul’s GI Basic Allowance Housing (BAH). hp gas online booking Since Paul started school full-time last Fall, we’ve been receiving a BAH each month he is in classes thanks to his service in the Navy. His unemployment straddled two semesters, and he made sure to schedule them at night so that he could actively seek new employment. #2: Get a Health Insurance Plan

Tip: You likely have until the last day of the month on your current health insurance plan. gas monkey bar and grill Go ahead and get those dentist/vision/other appointments squeezed in before the plan stops and your new, no-bells plan begins. gas in michigan For example, when Paul was unemployed, we had already met the deductible for that year’s dental plan. So, we scheduled in our six-month checkups as quickly as possible, in case we needed to get any dental work done.

Fortunately, we were able to find a very affordable plan through USAA thanks to Paul’s service in the Navy. In fact, when Paul began his new job in March we found out it would cost us $600 per month for health insurance, so instead we kept our USAA plan ($193.80 per month for both of us). gas hydrates wiki The deductible is high — $5,000 for each of us, and nothing kicks in until we meet this — but we knew we could cover it in emergency savings if need be. Now that open enrollment is here, we’re going to switch plans.

• Holiday Celebrations: Part of our 5 months of unemployment was over the holidays, but this didn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate with out-of-state family. shale gas in spanish Thanks to some frugal decadence, we scored free flights from Southwest Rapid Rewards by leveraging our credit score, and stayed with family over both Christmas and Thanksgiving. Since we had the time + flexibility, we were able to extend both trips!

Typically you cannot predict when a layoff is coming. electricity vs magnetism But that doesn’t mean you cannot prepare for one. electricity word search puzzle One of the best ways to prepare for unexpected work layoffs, illness, or anything of the like that we all don’t like to talk about, is by getting yourself out of debt. There are two great reasons why doing so will put you in a much better position in the event that life throws something your way:

However, we would not be able to enjoy these ponies among the manure if we had not prepared ahead of time by first getting out of debt on our terms. If you’d like to learn how to get out of your own debt much earlier than creditors want you to (no second jobs or ramen-noodle dinners required), then sign up to be the first to hear about my new course, The Debt Manipulator 3.0. Hint: the first four lessons will be free to everyone! What to Do When Unemployed and Broke

Secondly, you are really going to have to learn how to accept help from others. If you’ve been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer, chances are good your funds are running low. You might have had to tap savings once, twice, or consistently just to make your rent/mortgage payment. You might be looking at your 401(k) to save you — even though you know you shouldn’t because you’ll need that money in retirement.

• Insurance: We already talked about how you definitely want to keep some sort of health insurance coverage while unemployed. You don’t want to be one of the Americans who go into bankruptcy from a medical emergency. Check out USAA (you don’t have to have military affiliation of any kind in order to get health insurance through USAA). Now that you won’t be commuting, ask your car insurance company for a discount. gas after eating If you have two cars, go down to just one for now and maintain the insurance on the other one for the history of the policy’s sake, but at a severely reduced cost since you are voluntarily not driving it.